Monday, July 26, 2010

Blake Lively: Good Girl Gone Bad

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Move over S (Sabrina on the CW's Gossip Girl), Blake is ready to kick some A.  She'll be playing the role of a kick ass  fighter pilot. Who is a Good Girl that eventually goes Bad. Here's a little of what Blake had to say about the challenges and joys of playing this character:

Blake said the fact that "Green Lantern" is a less widely known comic book series was one of her favorite parts about signing on for the movie. "To get to introduce it to a young generation is a cool thing. When I brought [my nephews] to set, I had them put on the ring. They were like [bored-sounding] 'Oh, this is cool,' and I thought, 'In a year from now, you're going to be so happy I made you take this picture.'"


Another cool thing about "Green Lantern" — the outer space scenes. "Superhero movies, [you're] either in a specific city on planet Earth, or in space," Blake said. "But the fact that you get to go back and forth [in 'Green Lantern'] is a unique thing that you haven't seen in many movies."

(Source: MTV)

--Princess Carter
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