Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mommy Knows Best: Shakira Takes Milan For A Stroll, Halle & Nahla Enjoy LA + Jessica Pops...

A HOLD ON YOU photo | Shakira

Shakira spent Memorial Day Weekend in West Hollywood with her family.  Saturday, she was all smiles, as she was snapped totting 4-month old son Milan--after a shopping trip at baby boutique Bel Bambini.

Another mommy duo enjoying the California son was Halle and daughter Nahla, who were snapped enjoying the beautiful weather.  Earlier in the day, Nahla took, passport photos.  I guess she's off for a visit to France.

Destiny's Stage: Beyoncé Checks a Fan, Kelly Gets Emotional in DC, Talks "Dirty Laundry" + Listen to "You Changed"

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Divas...  It was a busy weekend for B and Kelly.  B's busy wrapping up the European leg of the Mrs. Carter Show and while in Denmark--a fan decided to lose his mind, and smacked her (B's) behind--and she made sure to let the idiot know, she'd have him escorted out.  Check!!!  

Kelly's on a roll.  This weekend she kicked off her concert with the Dream.  She got extremely emotional during the performance of "Dirty Laundry".  The autobiographical track which, tells about her heartbreak, and picking up the pieces after DC ended.  Watch the performance below.  Also listen to Kelly's brand new track, "You Changed" feature B & Michelle.  

Plus check out Kelly's interview with 93.9 WKYS where she talks her album, B's reaction to "Dirty Laundry" and her new X-Factor gig.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hova Dollars: Roc Nation Sports Signs NYJ's Geno Smith...Jay-Z Makes Yet Another Power Move

Jay's Roc Nation Sports continues to grow.  After signing New York Yankees star Robinson Cano, Tulsa Shock Star Sklyar Diggins, they've just signed New York Jets star, Geno Smith.  

Geno says he chose Roc Nation Sports because, he felt comfortable with "the guys" who'll be representing him.  He told the New York Daily News of the signing:  
“I don’t worry about the outside world’s perception. I’m comfortable with who I am, strong in my faith. I know that this isn’t because of an image thing or trying to market myself. It’s just being comfortable with the guys who’s going to represent me. That’s ultimately why I made that decision.”
Another power move for Hov.

Barry Goes To Prom: President Obama's Prom Flashback...He is One Groovy Dude....

It is prom season, so Time Magazine, just released a photo of President Obama, on his prom night.  In the picture the POTUS proves that even back in high school, Barry was one kool dude!!!

Barry and his friends,  look like they are right out of The Partridge Family or Eight Is Enough.  Check out one more photo below.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Carter Life: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Spend Time on a Yacht in France...

Jay and B were snapped enjoying some quality time in France, before B's Montpellier Show.  They took a small boat, to their waiting yacht off the coast of France, yesterday afternoon.  The Carters were joined by Solange and her boyfriend Alan Ferguson.  Sweet.  

Check out pictures below.  B's, Mrs. Carter Show, continues through Europe until the end of May.

Kelly''s Dream: Kelly & The Dream Perform "Where Have You Been" On Jay Leno....

The Dream and Kelly performed their soulful duet, "Where Have You Been" on Jay Leno, last night.  Check out their duet below.

The Carter Life: Beyoncé's, A "Grown Woman" & Gets "Turnt" With The Dream & 2 Chainz...

B's "Grown Woman" finally hit the net today.  The song is one big party.  And I love that B is celebrating Africa.  The song is ready for dance floors worldwide.  Not sure when or if "Grown Woman" will officially be released by B or her camp...but lets hope so.  Although B's rep did, confirm in April, that it's not the official first single.
"They like the way I walk, because I walk with a vengeance/ They listen when I talk, because I ain’t pretendin’/ Took a while, now I understand, Just what I’m going to do/ Now I know who I am, 'bout time I show it"

And in other B music, The Dream has finally released "Turnt" his collabo with Beyoncé & 2 Chainz.  Listen to it below.

Pray for Moore: Keep Moore, Oklahoma in Your Prayers....

Yesterday Moore, Oklahoma was devastated by an E5 tornado that destroyed whole neighborhoods in the town.  Moore is in complete turmoil and has been declared a state of emergency.

We must pray for all those effected by this horrific event.

Queen of The Show: Beyoncé Shares "Mrs. Carter Show" Behind The Scenes Footage....Shares The Trials & Tribulations of Tour Life....

B is sharing behind the scenes video footage from The Mrs. Carter Show.  She's uploaded footage of her recent bout with tonsillitis (which caused a media frenzy), her travel excursions from city-to-city, and spending time with her crew.  And prepping for the premiere of the "Grown Woman" premiere in Paris.  

You can experience the Mrs. Carter Show below.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Alma Mater Pride: Kerry Washington Returns To George Washington University...Gives Commencement Address....

Kerry returned to her Alma Mater, GWU yesterday, to deliver the Commencement Address.  The pride was written all over her, beautiful face, as she spoke to the 2013 graduates.  She also received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the university.  Sweet!!!

Listen to Mrs. Washington's wisdom below.

HBCU Pride: President Obama Talks Pride & Excellence During Morehouse Commencement Address....

Sunday, President Obama, had the pleasure of giving the Commencement Address, at Morehouse College.  The president's speech was uplifting.  He stressed the importance of striving for excellence, and not using racism as an excuse.

Watch the full speech below.

In The Mix: Listen To The Dream & Kelly Rowlands Duet, "Where Have You Been

Friends and tour mates, The Dream and Kelly Rowland, team of for the sexy, r & b duet, "Where Have You Been".  The track is off The Dream's, upcoming album "IV Play".  

The two are set to perform the song tonight on, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Nice.

Listen to the track below.  It's going to be one, steamy video.

The Royals: Beyoncé Shares More Photos Of Her & Jay's Cuba Trip

B's sharing more photos from her and Jay's anniversary trip to Cuba, last month.  And Mrs. Carter fits right in, she looks just like a local.  

Check out a few more photos of the couples excursions below. 

The Royals: Blue Ivy Sits On Her Throne...Takes In "The Mrs. Carter Show"... Beyoncé Uploads Adorable Photo Of Her Baby Girl

B just revealed the cutest, behind the scenes photo, from the Mrs. Carter Show, it's a picture of her little princess, Blue--sitting in her personalized chair.  Blue's in full princess mode, and her little tutu , just completes the look.

Simply adorable.

Mommy Knows Best: Beyoncé Talks Queen Tara, Says Blue Was A Bit 'Confused' With Tara....

Today, Good Morning America aired another clip of B's interview--that was conducted two weeks ago during the London stop of her world tour-- where she talked "EPIC", motherhood and her evaluation.

In today's segment, B gives us a little more insight into her character, Queen Tara. And she also said, that Blue, was "a bit confused" by Tara, adding that she (Blue) was wondering, "why this voice was coming out of Tara.  So cute.

Watch the interview below.

The Royal Life: Beyoncé Takes Milan, While Justin & Jessica Take Cannes...

B's continuing her critically acclaimed, sold out world tour, The Mrs. Carter Show, which landed in Milan, Italy on Saturday, and the Queen put to bed, all those pregnancy rumors... her body and all it's curves was toned and there was no sign of a bump.  But we knew that anyway, didn't we!!!

GLAM SQUAD photo | Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake

While Mrs. Carter was dazzling Milan.  The Timberlake's, Pop's Royal Couple, were in Cannes, taking in the festivities.  The two were snapped, looking photo shoot fresh, on the red carpet, for the premiere of Inside Llewyn Davis.

Check out pictures of both events below.

Mommy Knows Best: Jessica Simpson Lunches With Maxwell & Eric

HIDE & GO EAT photo | Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson covers her bump, after lunching with daughter, Maxwell and finance, Eric Johnson, in Calabasas, California on Sunday.   The mommy is expecting baby number 2, this summer.

Stars Of Billboard: Prince Shows Off His Skills at 2013 Billboard Awards...So Does Taylor, Chris, Jennifer & Justin.....

Some of music's biggest stars landed in Vegas last night. for the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.  The couture was on display, and it was an eventful night, that saw many stars taking the stage to celebrate, their musical accomplishments.

The biggest and best was of course Prince, who took the stage for a show stopping performance.

Then there were standout performances from Chris Brown who channeled his inner Michael, Bruno Mars who had a Jackson 5 vibe,  and Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, all showed their skills.

Check out their performances below.

The Carter Life: Jay-Z Hits The Studio With Drake & Raekwon, Beyoncé "Rises Up" & Shows Of Cuban Culture & Art....

"WARNING: Please be very afraid of the music we’re working on. OVO x ROCNATION"  
--Lenny S wrote the following message after posting the photo

Jay's had one busy 2013, so far.  He's been making power move after power move.  And in between being a mogul, husband and father, he's taken time out for his first love, hip hop.  Mr. Carter has been recording for about a year now, and most of his studio escapades have been captured via twitter and Instagram.  The latest studio flicks to hit the net show, Jay is in the studio with Drake and Raekwon.  This is going to be some album, and I can't wait. 

Gives us some info, please...Hov.  A summer album would be superb !!   

Mrs. Carter has, had quite a year so far as well.  She's off on her sold out, world tour,  and she's been sharing  Mrs. Carter Show photos on her website, and this weekend she shared photos from her and Jay's Cuban anniversary trip.  

Check out some of B's personal vacay, photos below.  Also listen to,  a movie rip, of B's "Rise Up" from "EPIC"...the Queen is soaring.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

EPIC'S Queen: Beyoncé Hopes Blue Loves Queen Tara....B Talks Blue's Reaction to Tara...

B's thrilled about her first role in an animated film, and she's even more excited to share, it with her baby girl, Blue.

While promoting "Epic" B talked about hoping to win "cool points" from Blue for her role as Tara, and she also talked about Blue's first reaction, to Queen Tara.

Watch it below.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The Mix: Kelly Rowland Debuts "Dirty Laundry"...Takes Us Through Her Trials & Tribulations...

You live. You love. You learn. And then You move on...that's the message Kelly's sharing with us in her new soulful track, "Dirty Laundry".  

She's finally revealing to the world the difficulties she faced after DC's break-up and then, dealing with B's success.  She talks about her abusive past and dealing with the difficulties of loneliness and picking back up the pieces.  And to, now living a healthy and happy life.

"Dirty Laundry" lives up to it's name, because it's open and honest, and a shining moment for Kelly.  This might be the one.  

Listen to it below.  She sounds good, her vocals a soulful, it's old school r & b, sweet!

Queen Of Hearts: Beyoncé Writes A Sincere Apology, Takes Antwerp + Gloria Carter Talks Jay & Blue....

B's back.  She's feeling better and once again, ready to take over another stage.  After having to cancel last night's show--it was the first time in her 16 year career--B posted a hand written letter to her fans, in Antwerp, offering her sincerest apologies, for having to cancel last night's concert, due to doctor's orders.  

Thank goodness B is feeling better.  She has to rest, and take care of herself.  Read B's letter below, she is so sweet.  Luv her.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Queen Rises: Preview Beyoncé's New Song "Rise Up"...From The Movie "EPIC"...


Check out a snippet of Beyoncé's new track "Rise Up." The track was written by both, B and Sia.  And is from the movie "EPIC," which stars Beyoncé as Queen Tara. 

 Listen to it below.

Hova Art: Jay-Z Joins The Dream On "High Art" + Jay-Z X MTV = "Water For Life" II, Tour To Kick Of September 9... "Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life," To Premiere November 24

Jay's blessed his good friend,  The Dream, with  a  verse for "High Art".   Mr. Carter is focused, and music ready.  Now all we need is his next solo album.  Check out Jay & Dreams new song below.  And also find out about his second, Water For Life, tour, which kicks off Sept. 9 in Krakow, Poland, and runs through Oct. 28 in Melbourne.   Jay's trek will once again be chronicled via the MTV documentary "Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life," which will premiere Nov. 24 on MTV.

Read on to see what Jay had say about his second, "Water For Life" Tour.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Babies & Movies: Beyoncé Chimes For Mommy's Worldwide + Talks "Epic" & Mommyhood.... Says Having Blue Made Her Emotional During the Filming of "Epic"

B's been busy promoting her first animated film, "EPIC".  In her latest interview about the film, she talks about getting emotional while filming, because she was still dealing with post-pregnancy hormones, and the emotional subject matter in the film triggered her emotions.  Especially a scene, where her character, Queen Tara, discovered a pod.  Check out the clip below.

B's latest spot for Chime For Change, shows her and a host of celebs, celebrating their mothers and all mothers of the world.  Check out the clip below.

Once again, happy Mother's Day B, and all mommy's worldwide.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Video Fresh: Beyoncé Talks "EPIC" & Becoming Queen Tara...

B's elated about her role as Queen Tara, in the animated film, "EPIC".  She's in the UK promoting the film in between, her sold out The Mrs. Carter Show.  She recently gave another interview, talking about her experiences, playing the character.  Check it out below.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Photo Shoot Fresh: Kerry, Andre & Vera...Enjoy 2013 MET Ball ...Kerry Washington Stuns in Vera Wang...

Kerry stunned at last night's Met Ball in a purple and lavender floral-print Vera Wang mermaid gown.  Ms. Washington was in sync with the night's theme: PUNK Chaos To Couture.  She roc'd black leather gloves, floral prints, and vintage purple highlights, all nods to the punk era.

Check out more photos of Kerry below.

Summer Jam: Tamar Braxton Releases "The One"...Samples Classic Summer Tune...

Tamar's "The One" is the perfect r&b summer jam.  The song samples Mtume's 80s classic "Juicy Fruit", which was also sampled by Big on his classic, "Juicy".  

Tamar's keeping the history going.  Listen to the smooth track below.

Hov Takes Gatsby: Jay-Z Talks Jazz, Hip-Hop & Gatsby...

Jay-Z spoke with MTV about his role in executive producing, The Great Gatsby, soundtrack.  And the connection between hip-hop and jazz.  Jay knows his history.  Check out the interview below.

The soundtrack is available now, and features, Jay's new track "100$ Bill".  The movie hits theaters worldwide Friday.

Epic Queen: Beyoncé Records "Rise Up" For "EPIC" Movie, Talks To GMA About Queen Tara, Mommyhood & Making Blue a Big Sister + Attends UK Premiere of "EPIC"

Beyoncé's a busy bee.  In between wowing sold out arenas, co-chairing last night's Met Gala, the working mommy's also promoting her first animated film, EPIC--Beyoncé voices the leader of the leader of the magical worldQueen Tara.  B has recorded original music for the soundtrack, a song called "Rise Up".  

"Rise Up" is written by  Beyoncé and Sia, and produced by Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe.  The track will be released by Columbia Records. 

B was also featured on GMA, yesterday.  B talked EPIC, Motherhood, and more babies.  Chek out the interview below.  

Queen Of The MET: Beyoncé Goes Punk Couture In Givenchy for 2013 MET Ball....

Mrs. Carter flew in from London for the day, to attend the annual Met Ball, which she was honorary co-chair of.  The theme of the night was: PUNK Chaos To Couture.  B channeled her inner punk in a strapless Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci gown...with matching boots, to die for.  The gown's paisley- print structured black bodice and the punk black belt fit right into the night's theme.  

Punk is all about rock & rebellion.  The fashion of that era was edgy, rebellious & wild.  People roc'd black, prints, patterns and vivid colors.  The clothes were embellished with spikes and industrial elements.  And of course it was all about lace and leather.   

Check out more photos of B below.  B's right back in the UK, tonight she's at the MEN.  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hova & Gatsby: Jay-Z Attends "The Great Gatsby" Premiere In NYC...

Jay flew back home, from London, for tonight's, "The Great Gatsby" world premiere, in NYC.  The premiere was held at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.  And Mr. Carter looked very dapper on the carpet.

Jay's executive producing the movie's soundtrack.  Check out more pictures below.