Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo Shoot Fresh: Rita Ora Rocs Gold in The UK + Beyoncé Praises "Shine Ya Light"

Rita's in the UK promoting her debut album, "ORA", which hit stores in the UK on Monday the 27.

She was snapped roc'n a cute pale gold dress, leaving ITV Studios in London, Thursday night. It's s nice fall look.

Rita recently got a special mention from her "Big Sis" Beyoncé.  Who wrote a special note about Rita's song "Shine Ya Light" on her personal site.

Rita also tweeted B back:‏  Beyonce thank you for that message I love you big sis.  4 life. .

Listen to "Shine Ya Light" below.

Pepsi Summer Beats Celebrates Bad 25: Melanie Fiona Performs "Wrong Side Of A Love Song"

Melanie Fiona performed as part of Micheal's Bad 25 Celebration.  Enjoy her performance of her soulful, "Wrong Side of a Love Song".

Jay-Z & Budweiser's Made In America Festival to Livestream on YouTube & Pandora...

Can't make it to Philly for the Budweiser Made In America Festival, not to worry, Jay's got you covered. ;) The entire festival will stream live from 2:00-11:00 PM Saturday (9/1) and Sunday (9/2) on YouTube and Pandora.

Jay will close out Saturday night, September 1, from 9:30-11:00 PM.  Don't miss him, shut the stage down like only he can.  Check below for the rest of the set times.

The Royals: Jay-Z Takes Blue for a Helicopter Ride

Jay and his baby girl, Blue, were snapped in NYC on Thursday, getting off a helicopter.  Little Blue roc'd blue earphones to block the sound.  Luv seeing Jay and his baby girl.  So Sweet.

Check out more pictures below.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo Shoot Fresh: Kourtney Does All!!!

Kourtney's little sister, Kim posted this picture on her site today.  With the caption: I woke up this morning to this…gotta love @kourtneykardash making breakfast.  

Kourtney does it all!! She's cooking with baby Penelope attached to her hip ;)... She then headed to church with Mason, Penelope & Kim. Gotta luv it!!!  Check out pictures below.

Roc News: Rita Ora Goes Acoustic & Bridget Kelly Debuts "Special Delivery"

Roc Princesses Rita Ora and Bridget Kelly are both ready for their music debuts.  Rita's in the UK --where her debut album, "ORA" was released today.  She performed an acoustic version of her song, "How We Do Party" on BBC Breakfast.  Rita also talked about Jay-Z and his greatness.     Check out the performance and the interview below.

Bridget Kelly

Her label mate, Bridget Kelly released her first track, "Special Delivery".  She performed the track at the Essence Music Festival back in July.  In this soulful ballad she sends her X a message he will never forget.  Check out the track below.

Gabby Tells All: Gabrielle Douglas Talks Life With Oprah...

Last night Gabrielle's interview debuted on Oprah's Next Chapter.  It was a really touching interview and Gabrielle's beautiful smile was the star of the show.  In the interview Gabby talked about her dreams, heartaches and making the big move to Iowa.  Her two families and gymnastics of course!

The interview started off with an Oprah-Gabby embrace and Oprah telling, a beaming, Gabrielle that "it's like looking at a younger me".  Sweet.  The two talked about Gabby making the big move to Iowa and her determination to train with her coach, Liang Chow.  She also talked bullying and isolation that she felt while training at her gymnastics school in Virginia.  At one point it got so bad that she wanted to leave the sport.

But with all that said and done, she remains a positive light.  She kept focused and achieved her goals.  The interview with her two families was a tearjerker, such love.  They will share a bond forever.

Oprah Meets Gabrielle Douglas' Two Families
For nearly two years, gymnast Gabrielle Douglas has lived and trained in Iowa—1,200 miles away from her family in Virginia. Watch as Oprah sits down with Gabrielle's mom, Natalie, and Gabrielle's host parents, Travis and Missy Parton. Find out what advice Travis gave Gabrielle when she was so homesick she almost gave up on her dream. Plus, learn the touching reason the Partons opened up their home to an aspiring Olympian. (Source: OWN)

Oprah and Gayle also stopped by, Coach Chow's and Gabby and Oprah did a little beam work.  Coach Chow told Oprah that we still haven't seen everything Gabby's capable of doing.  He went as far to say, that he believed she'd be ready for 2016!!! Fingers crossed!!!

Oprah's Balance Beam Routine
Gayle and Oprah stop by Liang Chow's world-famous gymnastics facility in West Des Moines, Iowa. For 22 months before the Olympic Games, Gabrielle trained with Coach Chow six hours a day, six days a week in this gym. Watch as Coach Chow discusses Gabrielle's future in gymnastics. Plus, Gabrielle coaches Oprah on the practice beam!

Check out clips from the interview below.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Solo Star: Solange Snapped on Video Shoot

Solange was snapped on a video shoot.  She roc'd a hip look and showed off a little art.  Not sure if this is for her new music or not.

Will Solo become a full Roc Nation artist?  They already manage her DJ career.  I guess all will be answered in time.

Family Tyme: Kourtney & Mason Go For a Stroll + Attends Best Friend's Baby Shower with Kim, Penelope & Khole...

Kourtney was snapped with her main man, 2 1/2 year old son, Mason.  The mommy-son-duo were snapped after picking up a sweet treat in Calabasas, Calif, Thursday afternoon.

Is guess little Penelope (6 weeks) was home with Scott.

The new mommy looks really good.  Check below for pictures of Kourtney & Penelope, Kim & Khole leaving their good friend Joyce's baby shower in Beverly Hills today.

In The Mix: Alicia Keys to Perform "Girl On Fire" at VMAS

Alicia will perform "Girl On Fire" the title track for her fifth studio album at this years MTV VMAS.

The track will hit radio and iTunes on September 4.  "Girl On Fire" will be out on November 27.

Be sure to watch the VMAS on September 6 for Alicia's performance.

--Princess Carter

Photo Shoot Fresh: Lady Gaga & Kendrick Lamar Strike a Pose...

--Princess Carter

Roc News: Rita Ora & J. Cole Talk "Love & War" + She's a GQ Girl

Rita Ora called on her Roc Nation brother, J. Cole, for the track "Love & War" off her debut album, "ORA", which hits the UK on Monday, August 27.

The track has a knock to it and Cole's hook is catchy.  It has a nice vibe.

In other Rita news she's featured in GQ.  Here's an excerpt from the feature:
"Rita Ora has spent the past three years in a Jay-Z incubator, honing her debut album. One thing's for sure, she has the pipes—and the looks—to make it a hit..."
The thing about Rita Ora is she can actually sing. No, like, really sing. At our photo shoot, she blew out brains with a cast-off couplet from "R.I.P."—her Drake-penned UK hit—while blithely examining her scorched platinum curls. Her first hit in the U.S., "How We Do (Party)," is very Rih-Gaga— all ear-wormy, clubby, and girl-power anthemic—but surely There Will Be Ballads. (Check her tender acoustic take on OutKast's "Hey Ya!") "It's fun to show off your abilities," she says, spearing a tiny Danish with a bejeweled talon and popping it in her mouth. "Your vocal range, your tone." Jay-Z signed the Kosovo-born Brit to his label, Roc Nation, in 2009. Then he did the unthinkable: He gave her three years to finish her new debut album, Ora. For most starlets, that's a lotta bankable time wasted; for Rita, it was three years to evolve into a singer who will have a—gasp!—career. "The public's not stupid," she says. "You can tell an honest artist from one who's just been given all their songs."

Read More
Check out more pictures and listen to "Love & War" below.

Solo Star: Solange Star of Fashion's Night Out 2012....Fashion Stars Roc Out to "Dress You Up"

Solange continues to be quite the working model.  

She's just been announced as the face of Madewell clothing. Had a feature in ELLE showcasing her Brooklyn Style & Apartment.  

And now she's one of the stars of this year's Fashion's Night Out 2012.  Check out a video announcing the annual event below, backed by Darren Criss singing "Dress You Up" a special remake of Madonna's hit.

Video Nicki: Nicki Minaj Releases "I Am Your Leader" Video

Nicki takes us on another one of her psychedelic trips in her new video for "I Am Your Leader" featuring Rick Ross & Camron.  It's quite an adventure.

Check out Nicki's pink experience below as she, Rozay & Camron take  and adventure in Roman's World.

Gabby Talks Bullying: Gabrielle Douglas Talks to Oprah About Being Bullied

Gabby will be on Oprah's Next Chapter this Sunday (8/26).  In the interview she talks to Oprah about her Olympic dreams, moving to Iowa and gymnastics of course.

She also talks about an issue that is all to common today, bullying.  Gabby talks to Oprah about being bullied for "being different" and she also says that's another one of the reasons she wanted to move.

Gabby kept the bullying a secret from her mom, at first.  Check out a clip below and don't forget to watch her this Sunday (August 26) at 8:30 on OWN.

B Rhythms: Beyoncé Releases New Version of "Miss You" for Artists Project Earth

B has released a new version of her song "Miss You" which is featured on the new album from Artists Project Earth, called ‘Rhythms Del Mundo Africa’.  Sales of the album support some really great projects all over the world, tackling climate change and natural disaster relief. Click here to find out more:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gabby in The City: Gabrielle Douglas Visits Citi Field... Throws First Pitch....

Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas has been enjoying her time in NYC.  Yesterday (8/23) she was in Queens, hosting a Citi Fields Kids Program and then throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, for the New York Mets.  

Unfortunately Gabby's golden touch didn't rub off on the team.  I'm glad to see that Gabby's enjoying herself.  She deserves it.   

Don't forget to check Gabby out this Sunday on Oprah's Next Chapter.  She will also be gracing the cover of Essence, hitting newsstands on September 10.

Check out more pictures below.

The Royals: Tina Knowles Talks Blue & Beyoncé

Proud grandma, Tina Knowles, gushed about her precious granddaughter, Blue.  Watch the video below where she talks about B, Blue, Jay and Fashion, of course!!!

In The Mix: Alicia Keys Releases "Girl On Fire" Album Cover

Alicia released the cover art for her upcoming fifth studio album, "Girl On Fire".  The black and white cover is a little more edgy than Ms. Keys past efforts.  With a name like "Girl On Fire" and the album's cover art, I expect the album to be heavy heating hip hop soul.

"Girl On Fire" is due this fall.  It will be the first album that Alicia's released since getting married and giving birth to her son Egypt.  She'll be performing a brand new track at this year's VMAs on September 6, from the album.

Check out the lyric video for, Alicia's promo single, "New Day" produced by her hubby, Swizz Beatz, below.

Photo Shoot Fresh: Ty Hunter Attends Emily B. & Chrissy's Cisum Couture Launch

Cousin Ty (aka B's stylist) attended the launch for Chrissy and Emily's new leather jacket clothing line called Cisum Couture.  The jacket line is for men.  Looks like Ty had a fun night out with the girls.... and he got to enjoy fashion, too.  Sweet.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Video MC: Mariah's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill Gets its VEVO Debut

MC's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" world premiered on 106 & Park today and later got its VEVO debut.  

In the video Mariah, Rozay & Meek are front and center at fight night.  Meek's in the ring, Rozay's courtside fly and MC's diva ready.  It's flashy and so Mariah.  Nice one, Mimi.

The video was directed by her hubby, Nick Cannon. Check it out below.  

The Royals: Blue, Apple & Moses All Show Their Luv for The Throne...

It's all about The Throne!!! 

Little Blue shows off her love for her daddy's and uncle Ye's classic, Watch The Throne, by roc'n a Watch The Throne, T-shirt.  

Her proud mommy, B, posted the pix on her I Am site.

But, Blue's not the only young royal who showed allegiance to The Throne.  The Martins also showed their loyalty   

Gwyn and Chris Martin's, Apple (8) and Moses (6), attended their uncle Jay's, London, Watch The Throne concert, back on May 18.  Sweet.

Check out the Martins below.

Roc News: Rita Ora Rocs the Jonathan Ross Show... Performs "How We Do (Party)"

Roc Nation Princess, Rita Ora roc'd the Jonathan Ross Show performing her hit, "How We Do (Party)" on the popular UK talk show.

Rita's debut album, "ORA" is due in the UK next Monday, August 27.

Check out her roc'n performance below.

Video Fresh: Trey Songz - "Hail Mary" Ft. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne (Official Video)

Check out Trey's all girl football team in his new "Hail Mary" video.  Pretty adventurous.

Video B: Beyoncé's "Dance For You" & "Ego" Two Black & White Dance Classics

Back down B Lane.... B's R&B dance tunes have become modern R&B's new classics.  Check out the Queen's "Dance For You" from "4" and "Ego" from "I Am Sasha Fierce".

Both black & white videos show B doing what she does best, signing, dancing and looking like a Queen as she does it.  The Blueprint!!!

Check out the Queen's classics below and enjoy your trip down B Lane.

Video Preview: Mariah Carey Triumphant (Get'Em) Clip

BET gave a VIPeek of Mariah's "Triumphant (Get'Em)" video featuring Rick Ross & Meek Mill.  Mimi's ready for fight night, and she of course, will be triumphant.

Queen B: B's "I Was Here" (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Perform...

The Queen....

--Princess Carter

Solo & BK: Solange Shows ELLE Her Brooklyn Lyfe... Showcases Her Hip BK Pad....

Solo rocs Madewell (she's the face), while hanging with Julez in their dinning room.
Solange gave ELLE's Julie Vadnal a tour of her Brooklyn home, which as expected, is eclectic and artistic, just as she (Solange) is.  

Solange has really jumped into Brooklyn life.  She has become one of Brooklyn's most sought after DJs.  Brooklyn art, from local artists, adorns her walls.  And she has become quite the party thrower.  

Solo and her Brooklyn Crew are reminiscent of the Warhol gang,  with a hip hop soul twist (and minus a few vices).  Julie Vadnal reports:  
Also on the Solange welcoming crew, an ultracool set of NYC musicians, designers, writers, and artists she’s invited over tonight for cocktails and one of her signature “rowdy, to the wee hours, roll up the rug” dance parties. Knowles met Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly of Brooklyn band Chairlift at their Bonnaroo show a few years ago; she encountered the braids-to-their-knees fashion-designer Okpo sisters, Darlene and Lizzy, while out shopping; and connected with circle-spec’ed Florence & the Machine producer Dev Hynes in the recording studio. Rounding out the crowd are two of Knowles’ childhood best friends, who lived on her block back in Houston.
Solo and crew in her home office.
Check out a few excerpts from the interview, where Solange reveals all things Brooklyn, Art and of course her family life. 

Queen B: Beyoncé Gets Photo Shoot Fresh for New House of Dereon Fall 2012 Ad Campaign....

The Queen is all Couture, Kick & Soul in the new HOD ads for the House's, Fall 2012 Ad campaign.  Looks like they're continuing their tribal theme.  And they're right on point with the prints and metallics, this falls must haves.  Luv'n the leopard and moodiness.  B needs to wear leopard print more!!!

Check out more pix below.

Golden Gabby: Gabrielle Douglas Shoots Her First Essence Cover

Gabby will be gracing the cover of Essence Magazine.  The issue is set to hit newsstands September, 10.

Essence has released a video of her cover shoot.  A gorgeous Gabby can be seen striking a pose in golden couture and sharing the spotlight with her mom and sister.

Check out Gabby's golden makeover and to hear her talk a little about Essence's love for her.  Can't wait for the issue to hit newsstands.

Check out the video below.

Monday, August 20, 2012

B News: Beyoncé's "A Star is Born" to Get Bradley Cooper as Leading Man?

It looks like Bradley Cooper might be joining B in the Clint Eastwood remake of the classic "A Star is Born."

The news comes via Variety who reports that Clint Eastwood has picked Bradley for the role.

So will he or won't he star?  And when will the filming start?  We know B is in the studio recording her next album.

So, who will her leading man be in the film?  Hmm... I guess we'll have to wait for now...

The Carters: Beyoncé Posts Pictures of Blue "Watching The Throne" and Her & Jay Enjoying Quality Tyme....

B recently posted the most adorable pictures of her family.  She posted a pix of Blue roc'n a Watch The Throne t... so adorable!!! And pix of her and Jay enjoying some quality tyme... so romantic!!! I luv my Carters.

A Queen in The Desert: Solange Posts A Relaxed B in Texas... Beyoncé & Solange Post Desert Vacay Pix

B & Solange have been posting pix of their adventure in the desert.  The ladies got photo shoot fresh and snapped pix with their "all girl crew".  It looks like they had a ball.  Solo posted pix on her My Damn Blog and B on her I AM site.  Check out some of my faves below.

Gabby & The FLOTUS: Oprah Heads to Iowa to Film "Next Chapter" With Gabby Douglas + Watch Her Chat With the FLOTUS & Jay Leno

Oprah headed to Iowa last week, to interview Olympic Champion Gabrielle Douglas, at her home in Iowa.  Gabby has lived in Iowa for the past to years as she prepared for her gymnastic dreams.  

Oprah also visited Gabby's gymnastics school, Chows Gymnastics & Dance Instruction.  Which was also the home of Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson.

Oprah tweeted that the interview will air on this Sunday's, Oprah's Next Chapter on OWN.  Can't wait for the interview.  Tune in Sunday, August 26, at 8:30/7:30c. 

First Look: Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas on Oprah's Next Chapter
Olympic gymnast Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas won gold and the hearts of millions. Now, Oprah travels to West Des Moines, Iowa, to sit down with this 16-year-old gold medalist. Plus, Oprah meets Gabby's mother, Natalie; her three siblings; her coach, Liang Chow; and visits with her host family.

Gabby also recently sat down with Jay Leno and our FLOTUS.  Check out the interview below.  And watch Gabby get a little friendly "reprimand" From the First Lady Obama.

Roc News: Rihanna Confesses Her Love For Chris on Oprah's Next Chapter...

Last night Rihanna's interview with Oprah premiered on OWN.  It was filmed in Bardados a couple of weeks ago.  In the interview Rihanna talked about her past, present and future.

She also talked in-depth about Chris, who she calls "the love of her life".  She says, "she will always love him" and that "he will always love her".  Check out the full interview below.

The Royals: Miss Tina Talks Blue... Talks Blue's Fashion & Beauty

Access Hollywood sat down with Tina a while back to, talk fashion and of course Blue, who she says is "quite the fashion inspiration." She also talks about what Blue has inherited from each of her parents.  She's such a beautiful baby.  Check out the video below.

Photo Shoot Fresh: Queen B & Solo Pose With Their "All Girl Crew"

B shared more pix of her July Holiday in Texas on her I AM site.  Luv to see B enjoying her girl-tyme, it's so important for the new mommy and wife. ;)

--Princess Carter


Photo Shoot Fresh: Solange is The New Face of Madewell

Solange is now the face of Madewell.  A hip clothing line for a hip lady.  

How kool is she in these shoots... she so belongs in Brooklyn!!!! 

Check out a video released by Madewell of Solange during the shoot and to see more photos below.

 Check out more of Solo's Madewell pictures below.

Queen B The Humanitarian: Beyoncé Celebrates World Humanitarian Day... Over 1 Billion "Messages of Goodwill" Shared, Releases "I Was Here" & Talks to CNN....

Beyoncé's World Humanitarian Day campaign was a great success, reaching its 1 billion mark.  B's official site posted the news today, with a message: "1 billion messages of goodwill were shared around the globe on World Humanitarian Day."  What a great way to end a day of giving.  So proud of B and all those who participated in this global day of goodwill. 

B also released her highly anticipated video for "I Was Here" which was shot Friday, August 10, 2012,  in front of a live audience at the UN General Assembly --the video was shot especially for World Humanitarian Day.  The day of giving was very important to Beyoncé, who is known for both her giving ways and acts of kindness.

Check out B's touching "I Was Here" video,  she gave one hell of a performance.  And also a clip of her talking to CNN about World Humanitarian Day.  Once again, another example of B showing her true, grace!!! Bravo... Mrs. Carter.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hovah & The Mercer: Jay-Z Causes Fan Frenzy at Mercer Hotel...Is He Recording?

Live from the Mercer... today once word got out the Jay was at the infamous Mercer Hotel in Soho, things got a little cray.

His fans swarmed the hotel and the cops had to be called in.  But more important than that is the scene of the "crime".

The Mercer hotel is where he and Ye rented out rooms to create a studio, so that they could record WTT without worries of a leak.  Hmm... so is Jay back in the studio?  He has been MIA a lot lately.  Let's hope so!!!

Check out the craziness below.

The Royals: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Named Forbes Highest Paid Celebrity Couple

Beyonce/I AM
Forbes annual highest paid celebrites list is out and Jay & B topped the list.

The Carters, who welcomed baby Blue on January 7, earned a combined $78 million.  B brought in $40 million and Jay made $38.  Not bad.  ;)

Check out Forbes' breakdown below.

Roc News: Melanie Fiona Performs For Billboard Candid Covers...Covers Alanis Morissette’s "Ironic" + Sings Her Own Soulful Hits

Melanie Fiona recently, performed a soulful stripped down set for Billboard Candid Covers.  And during her set she covered Alanis Morissette's hit "Ironic".

Melanie says it's a songs she's loved since she was a kid, "'Ironic' by Alanis Morissette is just a great song that just really cut through in pop culture when I was a kid," she told Billboard.  "That was a special song for me back then because it really made me pay attention to the art of storytelling."

Check out Melanie's performances of "Ironic", "Wrong Side of a Love Song" and her Billboard Q&A, below.

In The Mix: Gaga's "ARTPOP" to Be Title of Third Album... First Revealed Title in New Tattoo Pix...

Lady Gaga gave her Little Monsters a treat over the weekend when she revealed that her new "ARTPOP" tattoo was indeed the name of her third album.

It's a pretty interesting title and perfect for for Gaga.  Who's a pretty interesting pop star and is definitely pop art.

Gaga seems very excited about her new album.  She recently played a dance heavy tune produced by DJ White Shadow from out of her car while in NYC --giving fans a treat, and telling them the track might be the first single.  

I wonder what "ARTPOP" will sound like?  With a name like that, it should be colorful, creative and heavy on the beat.

Roc News: Kanye's Found the "Perfect B*tch"... Pens Love Song for Girlfriend Kim Kardashian.....

Kanye declares his love (again) for girlfriend, Kim K.  And he wants the whole world to know that in Kim he's found the "Perfect B*tch".  

"Perfect B*tch" will appear on Yeezy's & GOOD Music's, "Cruel Summer".  The new track was heard in NYC Saturday night during the listening session for "Cruel Summer".

A Queen at Work: Beyoncé Putting in 14 Hour Days For Next Album...Continues to Take Extreme Measures to Protect Fifth Album....

News continues to come out slowly about B's new album.  First came the report from Menil curator Toby Kamps, then the came the photos of Solange visiting B in the studio and then there was UK singer Conner Maynard who talked about the "mad stories" about B's intense studio precautions, a page she took out of her hubby's book.

Now word comes via, The Sun, that B's been spending 14 hour days in the studio, recording tracks with producers Hit Boy (Paris) and Kanye West:

Saturday, August 4, 2012

America's 4 All Around Champions Strike A Pose: Gabby Douglas Takes A Picture With Nastia Liukin, Carly Patterson and Mary Lou Retton...

American Gymnastics has the Magnificent Seven, the Fab Five and now the Fab Four. 

Mary Lou, Gabby, Carly and Nastia

Mary Lou, Carly and Nastia were all in attendance Thursday night, for Gabby's history making win in the Women's all-around gymnastics competition.  

And after Gabby's win, all three past all-around champions joined Gabby for a photo... now that's what you call America's Golden Girls.  

Gabby is America's fourth all-around champion and first African American.