Thursday, January 31, 2013

Queen B Fresh: Beyoncé Takes NFL Press Conference, Sings National Anthem Live & Releases Rehearsal Footage...

Today, Queen B or should I say King B, did what she does best, she shut down the stage!!!  At 3:15 PM the NFL held, the Super Bowl Halftime Show press conference and B took center stage.  She walked onto the stage, looking too haute for words, and went straight into the national anthem, a cappella no less, and blew it away.  She followed with, "Any questions?" before breaking out into a little chuckle.   

She answered questions about her long rehearsals, her focus and course the inauguration incident:
"I am a perfectionist," she explained, before telling the audience, that she chose to use "a backing track" due to a lack of sound check and the high stakes surrounding the event. "I'm very proud of my performance," she says.  
"I practice until my feet bleed and I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra," Beyonce said Thursday.
"Due to no proper sound check, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk. It was about the president and the inauguration, and I wanted to make him and my country proud, so I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track, which is very common in the music industry. And I'm very proud of my performance."
"I will absolutely be singing live," she said of the Super Bowl performance. "I am well-rehearsed. This is what I was born to do." (Source: Huffington Post)

After the press conference, B headed to Radio Row, where she did more media, check out the interview below.  B wouldn't give up any details about her performance, but she has released two videos of her rehearsal footage.

Check out the full interviews, B's rehearsal footage and more pictures below.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Roc News: Jay-Z Welcomes Timbaland to The ROC

Today Jay uploaded the above photo on Life + Times with the following message:  "Roc Nation welcomes TIMBALAND to the family."  Jay and Timbaland have been friends for a long time.  The two have concoted some of Jay's biggest hits.  Hov's always, Big Pimpin'.

Queen Of All Queens: Beyoncé is a Haute Queen for "Vogue"...

To Bey? Or not to Bey?  Last night this haute photo hit the net and it was immediately rumored to be a photo from B's, Vogue, photo shoot.  It's pure art.  She looks fabulous and royal.  B was rumored to have shoot the cover with famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz back in December.

Victorian, haute and one of a kind.  Can't wait to see the rest of this shoot...March 2013 Vogue, we will find out soon enough.

Queen B Fresh: Beyoncé is Super Bowl Ready...Let's The World In On Her Rehearsals...

She's focused man!  B's letting the world in on her Super Bowl rehearsals.  She's been uploading pictures of her hard work on her Tumblr and Instagram pages.  And she looks ready!  It's gonna be quite a show, and I can't wait!!  I'm Looking forward to seeing B tear down that stage for another historic night.  New Orleans are you ready!!!!  

Check out some of B's personal rehearsal photos below.  Sunday's just four days away!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pix Of The Day: Kourtney & Penelope Shop in West Hollywood

Yesterday, Kourtney and 6-month-old Penelope enjoyed a girls only shopping spree in West Hollywood.  Little Penelope looks so much like Mason did at her age.  What an adorable butterball.

--Princess Carter

Monday, January 28, 2013

In The Know: President Obama Welcomes The Miami Heat to The White House... Celebrates Their 2012 Championship

It's customary for US Presidents to invite and celebrate our Sports Champions.  And today the POTUS had the pleasure of welcoming the 2012 NBA Champions, the Miami Heat.  President Obama is a big basketball fan, so I'm sure this was especially fun for him.  He was full of charm and humor.  He also talked of the importance of teamwork.    

I love my POTUS!!!  Watch the video below.

Hov's Town: Jay-Z Takes Over LA....From Lakers Game, To Shooting "Suit & Tie" With Justin, To Chateau Marmont... It's Hov's Town

The Carters have headed west.   Jay headed to LA after dropping his two favorite girls off in New Orleans.  B is in New Orleans prepping for the Super Bowl :)!!!!  They landed in New Orleans on, Thursday, January 24, 2013, where they had lunch at famed restaurant MOTHER'S, for some of that famous New Orleans soul food.  B uploaded a picture, holding up the menu, on her Instagram.   Then Jay was off to LA.

He was snapped heading to  Chateau Marmont Thursday night, filming his and Justin's Top Five Hot 100 hit, Suit & Tie, on Friday and then taking in the Lakers -vs- Thunder on Sunday.  

B's big day is this Sunday, so I'm sure Jay's headed right back to New Orleans.  Check out more photos of Jay's LA Trip and also to see the Lyric video for Suit & Tie.

Queen B Fresh: Beyoncé Debuts "Pulse NYC" & "Lives" in New Orleans

In the words of her husband, Can I Live?, that's all B wants to know.  Can she?  Please let her!  But, no need to worry, the Queen has once again,  Brushed The Dirt Off Her Shoulders and headed to New Orleans with her family, dancers and band to get ready for one of her biggest nights yet: the Super Bowl Half Time Show!!!

B and Jay arrived in New Orleans on Thursday, January 24, 2013, and headed to MOTHER'S for a soulful lunch and then Jay jetted to LA for work, while B stayed in the city and got to work on her Super Bowl Rehearsals, while keeping us all informed via her Tumblr and Instagram pages.

She also released a behind the scenes look at her latest fragrance, PULSE NYC.  It's a tribute to two of her favorite things.  The city she now calls home, and has taught her that anything is possible and of course her favorite hue, BLUE.   Check out a behind the scenes video of  B on the PULSE shoot.  Also check out some of B's rehearsal pictures.  I can't wait til, Sunday!!!  She's Focused Man!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In The Know: The POTUS & FLOTUS, Joe & Jill Enjoy Inauguration Festivities.... It's All Style & Patriotism

On, January 21, 2013, we celebrated the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, and also Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  What a beautiful day for our country!  The President's second inauguration was special in so many ways.  

President Obama, Michelle, the girls and their family enjoyed every minute of the day.  It was written all over their faces.  The Obamas and the Bidens were one big happy family.  Their bond was evident.  What a day.  Enjoy pictures of the big day below.

Red Haute Wu: First Lady Michelle Obama is Red Haute in Jason Wu....

The FLOTUS wore a red Jason Wu gown last night to the inaugural balls and she looked gorgeous.  I loved the color on her.  Jason Wu was also the designer she wore to the President's first inauguration 

She wore blue earlier in the day and red at night...keeping the bipartisan theme going ;).

Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrating A King & A POTUS: Celebrate MLK Day & Inaguration Day by Reliving the "Dream".... Watch Martin Luther King's, "I Have A Dream Speech"

Today we celebrate both the 2nd Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!!  Now that's American History and Dreaming coming full circle!!!  

Below you can watch Dr. King's I Have A Dream Speech and his final speechI Have Been To the Mountain Top to relive the dream that we are witnessing today.

There is also a cool snippet of his IHAD speech set to music.   Enjoy and take a minute, to take in this bit of history.   How Sweet it Is!!!!

Inaugural Couples: Jay-Z & Beyoncé, The FLOTUS & POTUS, Joe & Jill, Katy & John & More....

Inauguration Day was all about love of country and love of significant other!!!  The capitol was full of couples in love.  Of course the #1 couple of the night was the POTUS & FLOTUS, but they were not to be out done by Jay & B, John & Chrissy, Katy & John, Kelly & Brandon, Swizz & Alicia, Bill & Hilary and of course, The Bidens.   

It was a night full of love...perfect, since after all we are celebrating Dr. King today, too!!!  Check out the patriotic couples below.

POTUS In Charge: President Obama Takes It All In.... Enjoys The Moment

As the President was leaving the inauguration stage he stopped and took a moment to take it all in.  Telling his inner circle “I want to look out one more time because I'll never see this again."  What a beautiful moment.  Watch it below and check out some more pictures of the POTUS and the First Family during the inaugural ceremony.

POTUS In Charge: President Obama Speaks Future in His Second Inaugural Speech....

President Obama's second inaugural address was riveting.  He called on all Americans to work together to achieve the common good.

The President sounded confident and ready to continue fighting for America's future.  He sent the crowd into roars and applause when he talked climate change, equality, race and Dr. King.

He also mentioned equal rights for Lesbian and Gay Americans.

He's Ready!!!  Watch his speech below and remember to stay politically active, the POTUS needs us!!!

The Carter Life: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Show Inauguration Pride + Beyoncé Soars During National Anthem....

Jay & B took the inauguration stage today, to proudly support our POTUS, and they of course were Photo Shoot Fresh.  B stunned in all black.  She kept warm by sticking close to her hubby and by the Christian Dior fur that she had draped over her Emillio Pucci couture gown.  Jay was dapper in blue and gray.  His blue scarf was a perfect accessory.  Jay and B have been long supporters of the POTUS and First Lady.

B beamed with pride as she sang the National Anthem to culminate the celebration.  She hit all the right notes and added soul.  What a proud moment.

Watch the video below and also check out more pictures.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

In The Know: President Obama & Vice President Biden Sworn In

Today President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took the Oath of Office.  The POTUS was surrounded by his three main "girls":  The FLOTUS, Malia and Sasha who looked on proudly.

The POTUS started his day by attending church services at the Metropolitan AME Church.  And then headed back to the White House where he was sworn in by Justice Roberts in the Blue Room.  Yesterday he, the FLOTUS, Joe & Jill Biden kicked off the National Day of Service.

Another proud day for me, America and the world!! Tomorrow will be a day full of festivities to kick off the President's second term!!! Watch the POTUS take the Oath of Office below and to see pictures of the First and Second Family kicking off the National Day of Service.

In The Know: The First Lady, Malia & Sasha Kick Off Inauguration Weekend With Dr. Jill Biden & Family...Katy Perry & Usher Perform at Kids' Inaugural Concert

First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia, Sasha and their family along with Jill Biden and her family, kicked off Inauguration Weekend by helping celebrate the Kids' Inaugural Ball held at the Washington Convention Center to celebrate military families on Saturday, January 19, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Katy Perry and Usher performed at the event.  The Capital is gearing up for one grand party tomorrow, as we celebrate the second inauguration of President Barack Obama.  The POTUS was officially sworn in today. By law a US President must be sworn in by January 20.  The POTUS will celebrate his inauguration in conjunction with MLK Day tomorrow, January 21, 2013.

Check out Usher and Katy's performances below as well as pictures of the First Family and the Bidens.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shining Star: First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates Her B'Day Today!!!

Happy 49th FLOTUS!!! Enjoy!!!  Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, celebrates her B'Day today.  And she debuted new bangs too...just in time for the inauguration  I can't wait to see her gowns on Monday!!!

--Princess Carter

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Roc Life: Kim Talks Miami, Pregnancy, Beyoncé & More + Kim, Kourtney & Penelope Take NYC...

Kim and  Kourtney arrived in NYC with baby Penelope on Monday.  They are in the city promoting Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, which airs this Sunday on E!.  Yesterday, they stopped by Shade 45 and spoke with Sway.  Of course Kim's pregnancy, her relationship with B--who she says is one of the sweetest people she ever met--and much more was addressed.  

Watch the interview below.  Also check out photos of Kim & Kourtney's NYC promo tour below.

Video B: Beyoncé & GQ, A Behind the Scenes Look at Ms. Millennium

Entertainment Tonight aired a behind the scenes look at B's GQ cover shoot.  The Februrary 2013 cover girl, or Ms. Millennium, has a very busy year ahead.

Check out the video of her Super Bowl themed cover shoot below.  The issue hits newsstands and tablets January 22.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo Shoot Fresh: Beyoncé Rocs Stella McCartney

B rocs gold Stella McCartney pants in her latest, stunning, Instagram pic.  I just luv it!!! And those shoes.

--Princess Carter

Source: Beyonce -via-@baddiebey

Haute 4 The Globes: Kerry, Jamie, Denzel, Adele & More Roc Golden Globes Carpet....

Kerry's on trend.
The Golden Globes always bring out fierce haute fashion and last night was no exception.  The couture was out: metallics, blushes, lace and Swarovski crystals stole the show.  Whites, Blues and Reds proved a favorite of the night.  While black & white gowns made a classic comeback.

NeNe roc'd the carpet! Nice look! Haute!!!
Kerry was a vision in Miu Miu, while her costar Jamie looked dapper in his tailored suit.  Adele made her couture comeback in all black . Halle, Jennifer and Jessica went sexy.  And the Nashville and Smash stars made their carpet debuts.  And plenty more dazzled.

Adele's post-baby debut.
It was a carpet full of great fashion.  Check out my favorite picks below.  Enjoy the Globes!!! And congrats to Adele for her win, last night!

Music Royalty: Justin Timberlake & Jay Z Get Classy for "Suit & Tie"

Ready for Suit & Tie!  Justin called on Jay to lend a hand on his first single in over six years, and Jay didn't disappoint.  The track is a breath of fresh air, compared to today's overly produced dance/pop tracks, which happen to all sound the same.  It's plush, musical and has a grove.   It feels like spring.  JT's vocals are crisp.   And Jay's verses...King Status!!!

Suit & Tie is produced by Timberland.  Check it out below.  Suit & Tie is the first single off of Justin's upcoming album, The 20/20 Experience due out later this year.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be Honored: Gabrielle, Alicia, Kelly, Halle & More Shine on "2013 BET Honors" Red Carpet

This weekend was the BET Honors dinner and celebration was held.  The actual show was taped on January 13 and will air on BET later this month.  Gabrielle Union was back as host and she didn't disappoint in her many wardrobe changes.  She was sexy and revealing in green, haute in blue and shined in metallics.  Check out her looks below.

Gabrielle attends pre-dinner on January 11, 2013
BET honored Lisa Leslie, T.D. Jakes, Halle Berry, Clarence Avant and Chaka Khan at the annual celebration held at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC.  Alicia sang, Kelly presented to Chaka and it looks like everyone enjoyed the night.  Check out more photos below.

B Ready: Beyoncé Set to Debut New Song At Super Bowl + DC to Perform Hits Medley & "Nuclear"?

To B? Or Not to B?  US Weekly exclusively reported that B will reunite with DC during her Super Bowl half time performance.  According to them, B will open the show solo, and midway through her performance Kelly and Michelle will join her for a hits medley, which will conclude with their new, Pharell produced, song, Nuclear from their Destiny's Child Love Songs, due January 29.  Then B will finish the finale with a performance of a brand new song from her fifth album. 

We'll have to wait to Sunday, February 3, where B will be performing live in New Orleans.  You can listen to Nuclear below.  I can't wait for B's new single!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Solo Star: Solange "Lovers In The Park" + "True" US Tour Dates

Solange has been roc'n stages from New York-to-London-to-Paris and back.  And now Roc Nation has announced more US dates for her True Tour.  Solange is touring in support of her critically acclaimed EP, True, which you can purchase at online retailers or in stores now.

Check out Solange's second single, Lovers in The Parking Lot, below.  The track was written by Solange who is known for her songwriting skills.  It's got groove.

Photo Shoot Fresh: Gwyneth, Apple & Mosses Get Sunny....

Gwyn uploaded a photo--on GOOP--of her and her kids vacationing in St. Lucia over the holidays.  She attached the following message with the above photo:
"We are just back from an amazing (and sadly short) holiday at Sugar Beach- A Viceroy Resort in St Lucia. It was heaven."  

Sexy in Gray: Kim Snapped at LAX...

Kim was snapped arriving at LAX today.  The mommy-to-be looked chic and sexy while concealing her bump in a loose fitting blouse and slacks.  She completed the look by roc'n  a gray trench coat.   She and Ye just spent time in Italy and Paris.  

Adele LA Arrival: Adele and Baby Land in LA...

Adele and her baby boy have arrived in the US.  The mommy-son duo were snapped at LAX on Thursday.

Adele is gearing up for this weekend's Golden Globes, where she may pick up her first Globe for her nominated song Skyfall.  This will be Adele's first official appearance since giving birth in October.

After the Globes she has the Oscars, where she's set to perform.  The new mommy was also snapped baby shopping at upscale baby boutique Bel Bambini in West Hollywood on Friday.

An onlooker reported (to PEOPLE):

"She was in a great mood and just focused on picking up essentials for her baby boy."

The British superstar spent an hour at the store and purchased a "lot of loot," including baby wash, shampoos and a changing pad.

Check out some photos below.

B Legacy: Beyoncé & Azealia Banks Collaboration Done...According to Azealia It Is!

Azealia Banks  has confirmed that she and Beyoncé have collaborated on a brand new track for B's upcoming fifth solo album.  In an interview she did with ASOS on Thursday, she confirmed that she'd worked with B, in Miami a couple of week's ago.

B was in Miami with Jay, Kelly, Ms. Tina and friends taking in Miami Art Basel, a few weeks ago.  I guess she squeezed in some studio time too.    Here's what Azealia said, about working with Queen B:
"I actually did something for her record in Miami a couple weeks ago. I really didn't want to say it because I didn't want to jinx it. You know how that sh*t goes. It's like, once you do someone's on someone's record, you just have to wait. If they want to use it, they use it. Even the fact that I was considered to rap on a Beyonce track."

B Legacy: Beyoncé Debuts "Life Is But A Dream".... Trailer for her HBO Documentary....

B revealed the trailer for her HBO Documentary Special: Life Is But a Dream, A Film by Beyoncé Knowles and it looks like we are in for a special treat!

 HBO wasn't lying when they said an "intimate" look into her life.  We'll be getting a close look at her during her pregnancy!  In the trailer we see her getting a sonogram and showing off her growing baby bump.

B's giving us a look into her royal life.  I can't wait.  The special will premiere on Saturday, February 16, 2013 on HBO at 9PM.

The documentary looks like it covers 2011-2012: the the years she celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary, got pregnant, released 4 and became a mommy.  Watch the extended trailer below.

B Legacy: Beyoncé Gets 'Nuclear' With Destiny's Child, The Trio To Reunite on Super Bowl Stage + Set To Release "Love Songs" Compilation....

On Thursday, B announced to the world--via her site--that she was proud to announce that Destiny's Child would release their first original music in eight years.  Destiny's Child Love Songs is set to hit stores and online retailers, January 29, 2013.  And is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.   Nuclear is the only new track on the album, the rest of the songs are a compilation of love songs DC recorded during 1997-2004.  

B, Kelly and Michelle hooked up with Pharell for,  Nuclear.  It's smooth, jazzy and is a nod to 90s R&B.  Pharrell produced Nuclear and co-wrote it with Michelle Williams, James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal.  B and Lonny Bereal handled the vocal production.  

"You had your dreams/ And I had mine/ As wide open when we dream together/ They want to know how we keep our shit together/ They're wondering/ It's just evolution/ We're just getting better/ When the two become one, on a quantum level," Beyonce sings at the start of the song.

Kelly and Michelle might also be joining B on stage for her Super Bowl half time performance on Feburary 3, 2013, in New Orleans.  Sweet!!!

You can view full track-listing below.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

B Ready: Beyoncé Gets Photo Ready in the Bahamas

B was snapped by photogs, while shooting an unknown photo shoot in the Bahamas last week.

She and Jay celebrated Blue's first birthday on the island along with family and friends.  The GQ cover girl is gearing up for a huge February.