Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Beyonce' Track to Be Released in April?

Looks like B's new album is finally coming.  According to Beyonce' World, her single is due at the end of April!  The information comes via producer Robert "Shea" Taylor, who first worked with B during her B'Day Era.  Here's what he had to say about album #4:  it's pop meshed with R&B and it's very musical.  Something that B reported to MTV in November.  It will have live instrumentation!  I'm sure that's from the Fela Kuti, Stylistics and MJ influences, which she says she's been listening to for insipiration for this album.
It has an 80s feel that's been made modern.  He also says, the sound is like Michael's music during his prime.  Can you say Thriller & Off The Wall, BABY!!!  She also has a song with Kanye that's supposed to be amazing.    He goes on further to say that her first single will be huge and released at the end of May.  I wonder if this is the single that The Dream and Los Da Mystro tweeted about in the fall?

--Princess Carter
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