Friday, September 6, 2013

The Carters Enjoy Ocean Life: Jay Z, Beyoncé & Blue Continue To Celebrate On The Ocean...From Spain -to-Italy Yachting

For the third straight year, The Carters have spent Beyoncé's birthday on the Ocean...The Royal Life.

B spent her 30th pregnant yachting in Venice & Croatia, her 31st yachting in the South of France and this year she's celebrating with her 32nd birthday, once again with her favorite two people, Jay & Blue yachting in Italy & Spain.

Jay, B & Blue arrived in Ibiza, Monday, September 2 --straight from M.I.A--and were snapped boarding their yacht.  

Then it was time for B's birthday week to begin--as she and Jay enjoyed one of their greatest pastimes, yachting on the ocean.  From Ibiza they sailed to Formentera, Spain to take in the sights. 

Then it was off to Stromboli, Italy, where B celebrated her big day.  B enjoyed the day on the water with her baby girl, her hubby and friends.  She jumped in the ocean with Jay, walked the pier with Blue and of course enjoyed the bubbly on her big day.  She looked happy, relaxed and full of love. 

They're continuing their Ocean Life and today were snapped in Nerano, Italy.  And little Blue was all smiles in a cute blue dress, as she continues to live the royal life.  She and her parents sailed from Stromboli to Nerano--where they had lunch at restaurant Quattro Passi. And took in more sights. Sweet.

So glad B's enjoying her B'Day Week.  She kicks off the Brazilian leg of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Sunday.  Check out more photos below. 

A Little Theme Music:

Friday, September 6 in Nerano Italy:  

Thursday, September 5, in Italy:

B'Day, Tuesday, September 4 in Stromboli, Italy:

The Birthday Excursion Begins, Enjoying Spain:

Formentera, Spain, September, 2, 2013

Ibiza, Monday, September 2, 2013

Luv my Carters.  Enjoy!!!

--Princess Carter

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