Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Royals: Beyoncé Gets "Back To Business" + Dines With Jay Z

She's BACK TO BUSINESS!  This morning virtual billboards of B took over Times Square.  The billboards announce her three day stint at Revel Resorts Memorial Day Weekend (May 25, 26 & 27) in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  

Also, last night B, Jay's mom Gloria and her mom Tina attended a fundraiser with First Lady Michelle Obama at the Greenwich Hotel in NYC.  After the dinner B had dinner with Jay at Nobu. Her mom, Solange, Kelly & Derek also, joined them for dinner.  Check out pix from the dinner and a video of The Hive celebrating the Queen's billboard this morning.  The video was posted by Beyoncé's site.

Dinner with Jay after President Obama fundraiser.

Luv B's Blackbird, the name of her all girl crew.  
"And our girls are Blackbirds riding with their Dillingers." 

Kelly with photographer Derek Blanks.

--Princess Carter

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