Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommy's Day: Beyoncé Writes a Letter to Her Mama + Goes To See "Ghost"

Credit: Beyoncé.com
B wrote a letter to her Mama --the woman who she says has made her everything that she is. The letter is touching and in it B shares some of her fondest memories of her Mother.  Love you B & Ms. T. You can see the letter below.  

Today, of course is B's first Mother's Day.  Last night, a relaxed and carefree B, had a pre-Mother's Day treat when she attended the Broadway Musical "Ghost".  She was snapped posing for pictures with the cast.   Hmm.... I wonder what Jay and Blue got her for Mommy's Day?

Credit: Beyoncé.com

B backstage at the Broadway Musical "Ghost"

--Princess Carter


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