Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Queen Of The Stage: Beyoncé Simply Incredible...Takes Over Revel

I had the pleasure of attending Beyoncé's, Saturday show at Revel this weekend.  The show was simply amazing.  B took my breath away.  Her vocals, dancing, wardrobe and overall stage performance was top notch.  She really put together an amazing show.

The evening started with opening act Luke James who warmed the crowd up.  About 15 minutes before B came out our FLOTUS arrived. Mrs. Obama was stunning in a green dress.  She, Sasha, Malia, and a couple of their friends sat in the upper balcony next to Gayle King.

By the time B came out the crowd was already in a frenzy.  She opened with one of my favorite 4 tracks "End of Time".  She had us with the first foot stomp.  She surprised us with "Schoolin' Life".  Had us going crazy when she performed "Dance For You".  And paid tribute to Whitney and Donna Summer.

B went through her hits, but most importantly, she sang fan favorites.  It was the Hive's night and B shouted-out, the BEYHIVE often.

The stage was her best yet. Her band and the Mamas sat atop cubes (or steps) which blended in perfectly with the graphics, a lot of which were 70s inspired.  The graphics added another dimension to the show.    They were interactive and even at times servined as B's partner in dance --at one point it appeared as if lasers were shooting out of B and the dancers shoulders.  And another time she stood on stage alone and it appeared as if circles were surrounding her.

And then there was her wardrobe.  The Revel wardrobe is probably my favorite of all B's tour wardrobes.  I just loved them!!! And she looked beautiful.  From the opening act she dazzled in sequins, crystal and diamonds.  She roc'd a red body suit, a showgirl look, black & gold and a sexy black bodysuit number --that served as her Freekum Dress for the night.  She also were her favorite piece of jewelry: her wedding ring.

Motherhood truly agrees with B.  She was extremely happy and very interactive with the crowd.  She made a few jokes, too.  Pointing to her ring at the end of "Irreplaceable" saying "you can be replaced too".  And at the end of the show she teased of how hard she'd worked to get ready for "us", saying she had to lose 60 lbs, but that tonight she was going to get "chocolate wasted".

It was an amazing night.  And the Queen stole the stage again!!!  Can't wait for the DVD.

I tweeted pictures at the beginning and a little while into the show. The pictures are on my twitter page, but the quality's not that great. Sorry.  I had pretty good seats, but oh well... blame it on the Droid.

Until the DVD:

Making of Revel: Parts l & ll

--Princess Carter

Pictures: Wireimage
Video: Beyonce.com

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