Monday, January 13, 2014

Mardi Ma: Beyoncé & Solange Throw Ms. Tina a Bash Fit For a Queen....

Saturday night, Beyoncé & Solange threw Ms. Tina a royal affair for her 60th birthday in New Orleans--an old New Orleans Masquerade Party.

Ms. Tina, who is a New Orleans girl, and boyfriend Richard Lawrence, arrived by a horse drawn carriage--led by a marching band.  NOLA Baayyybe!!!!  She was followed by Solange and boyfriend, Alan Ferguson, Julez and Angie, and Kris Jenner who all arrived by horse drawn carriages.  While, Jay & B slipped in through the back.

Once inside the family partied the night away with family, close friends and a host of celebs.  Kelly, Monica & Shannon Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Gayle King and more came out to celebrate.

Jay and his grandmother.

The Carters came out too, Jay's mom, Gloria Carter, grandmother and other family members came to, celebrate with the birthday girl.  

Looks like it was a beautiful night.  Check out more pictures below.

Kris Jenner, Joyce Bonelli, Gloria Carter (Jay's mom) and family member.

 --Princess Carter

Sources: TMZ, Vibe, Houston Chronicle, Instagram

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