Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Carter Life: Jay Z, Beyoncé & Blue Enjoy Miami...Blue Enjoys Family Art Time....

The Carters are still in South Florida.  Last night Jay's Magna Carta Tour took over Ft. Lauderdale's BB&T Center, but before Mr. Carter shutdown the stage, he spent the day with his two favorite ladies, B & Blue.

The Carters were snapped heading to lunch after leaving their hotel in Miami.  Little Blue is still trying to figure out who the paps are, and why they're always around.  Her facial expressions are priceless. She doesn't have time for it....too cute.

After lunch Blue & B had a quick clothes change, and the family went out sightseeing and taking in art.  And it looks like Blue had a ball.  Check out photos below.

Sightseeing after lunch:

Lunching in Miami, January 2, 2014:

Little Blue is still trying to figure out, who the hell the paps are, and why are they always around!!! Her expressions are always priceless.

How good does B look!!!

--Princess Carter

Source:  The Daily Mail & Gold Stripe Magazine

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