Monday, August 1, 2011

Jay Surprises Angie, Talks WTT, Kanye (No Beef, Don't Be Silly), Tour & Life in General

Credit: The Angie Martinez Show

"I kinda want to spend a gazillion dollars. They got it backwards, but it's all good," Hov said with his trademark laugh during the interview. "I know that we're doing something right now. When I woke up to all that, I was like, 'Oh yeah, we must be really hot right now.' "

Today Jay showed up at NYC's famed Hot97 and surprised Angie Martinez before she even had a chance to take off her shades or put her bag away! The two friends sat down and chatted it up about life, Watch The Throne and Jay's passion for music.

Jay talked collaborating with Kanye,  he says they are brothers and have a mutual respect for one another.  And of course they argue and fight (not physically of course) , but it all stems from their passion for the music, the art.  It was a great interview and Jay displayed his usual charm.

He also talked Flex and yes he was listening in like the rest of the world, when Flex debuted Otis!!! And he loved it!! He also does a pretty good Flex imitation, too.

Listen to the interview to find out more about the album, the tour and Jay's current events.  He was rushing off to a meeting. Wonder what power move he's about to make next?

Jay on the silliness:

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"Yes, we get on each other's nerves, but that's part of pushing each other. We push each other. The people who have a problem with Kanye or myself are the people that are complacent in life," he said. "People don't like to be pushed. It's, like, annoying. It's a thing when people are pushing you to be greater, and we push each other to be greater. So of course there are times when we're in the studio, we're yelling, but that's about it."

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--Princess Carter
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