Thursday, June 14, 2012

In The Know: President Obama Speaks in Ohio... Lays Out His Plan to Move America Forward

Today our POTUS laid out his vision for continuing to move America Forward.  The line's been laid in the sand --it's clearer than ever to see the differences between his and Mitt Romney's plans for America's future.  

The President is fighting to insure that all Americans are treated fairly and have access to the American Dream.  Mitt Romney and the Republicans are fighting for obstruction and of course to insure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Barack Obama has been fighting hard for our economy and America, despite nothing but roadblocks from Republicans, who have done everything to keep the President from success --unfortunately all they're doing is hurting us and our country!!! 

Listen to the President's speech below.  Be sure to check out your state's voting laws, because Republicans have a huge Block the Vote Initiative --they are implementing lots of new voting laws, some which require special ids, in an attempt to keep African Americans and Hispanics from voting.  Stay in the know!!!

Head over to to find out about many of the President's accomplishments during his first term.  Let's not forget where we where in January 2008, when he first took office.  

--Princess Carter

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