Wednesday, October 31, 2012

POTUS In Charge: President Obama Talks NJ, Sandy & Tours The Coast With Governor Christie

Today the POTUS and Governor Christie toured the New Jersey coastline --while on Marine One--which has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy is a storm of historic proportions causing flooding and destruction that has never been seen in New York or New Jersey.  It will take months before her true destruction is known.

The POTUS also spoke with residents on the ground, reassuring them that help would be coming.  And that the Federal Government would be an active part of the rebuild.  After speaking with the people President Obama spoke to the press where he addressed the recovery efforts for New Jersey, New York and all states effected by Sandy.  Watch the President's address below.

The President also praised Governor Christie --who has continually praised the President's response and handling of this crisis.

--Princess Carter


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