Friday, June 28, 2013

A King's Art: Jay-Z Takes Swizz's "Holy Grail" Art Work...It's An Ode to Basquiat

Today Swizz let the world know that, avid art collector, Jay-Z purchased his "Basquiat on Benz Hood"  piece, which he dubbed "Holy Grail".  All proceeds from the sale will be donated to art schools.  Swizz says that the piece was created for and dedicated to Jay.  

He tweeted the news, with the above photo:
“Look who purchased my Basquiat on Benz Hood 2day, what a honor and Blessing I’m so grateful for the support! July 4 its Showtime ART LIFE!!! I will use proceeds to continue helping kids in need.”
We all know how much Jay loves Basquiat.  I'm sure both Carters can't wait to have the piece hanging in their home.  Sweet.

 Jay's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" is available July 4 for Samsung user, July 7 for everyone else.

--Princess Carter

Source:  Rap-Up & Swizz Beatz

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