Sunday, June 2, 2013

Queen Of The Stage: Beyoncé is The Sound Of Change...Closes Out Twickenham Stadium...Is All About Female Empowerment & Being a "Grown Woman"

B took over Twickenham Stadium last night--for a good cause--when she headlined the The Women's Concert for Change.  The goal of the concert was to raise awareness for Women's Rights and Empowerment throughout the world.

B's set-list was all about female empowerment, it was perfect for the occasion.  She entered the stage singing "A Change is Gonna Come" and it was all about girl power from then on.  B performed female anthems "Run The World (Girls)", "Single Ladies" and "Grown Woman".

Jay joined her on stage for "Crazy In Love".  His presence sent the already frenzied crowd into hysteria.  It was a wonderful night, for a great cause.  Watch B's full set below and also an interview, where she talks about Chime For Change.  And head over to:  Chime For Change, to find a cause.  The concert will air in the US tonight on NBC at 9 pm est.

--Princess Carter


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