Monday, December 30, 2013

"Beyoncé" Part 4: Beyoncé Talks Music, Motherhood, Being a Wife & Liberation in "Self-Titled" Part 4

Beyoncé has released the fourth video in her "Self-Titled" series, which gives us a deeper look into her new album, BEYONCÉ.  

The latest feature "Self-Titled" Part 4 . Liberation takes us into the beginning stages of the album.  In the clip B takes us to the Hamptons--where the magic happened--she talks about her own sexual liberation, and the impact that motherhood played on the making of the new album.  

Her two favorite people, Blue and Jay both make appearances in the clip.  

B also talks about the day Jay proposed to her (it was on his birthday).  She revealed that she took him to Crazy Horse which, inspired the "Partition" video, their relationship inspired the entire song.  Too cute.  Watch Mrs. Carter talk Liberation below.

--Princess Carter


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