Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kanye On Flex's Show

Kanye West and Jay-Z [Madison Square Garden / 08.22.07]
Kanye will be on Flex's show for the next 5 hours (7pm-12am).  He just told Flex that he just got back from London and that he was working on the, Watch The Throne album, while over there with Jay.

Ye's tweets about the album from the 29th (Oct.):
Kanye West Sitting here in the studio 2 hours out of London, It's really setting in on me that I'm actually doing a rap album with JAY-Z

Kanye West The bates and raps are stuuuuuuupid already!!! 1 song down... on to the next!!! I was in the audience at the Hard Knock Life Tour!!!!!!!

Kanye West I can never get use to this!!!! This shit we doing is so modern so hood so club so hip hop... all of the above!
Early morning studio shot... #WatchtheThrown    on Twitpic
--Princess Carter
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