Monday, January 17, 2011

Beyonce's: Heat Rush, "Liquid Sunshine"

After great success with her first signature scent, Heat, Beyonce' is back with her second scent, Heat Rush, which unlike her signature scent is said to be more light and flirty, while Heat has a more seductive nature to it. The variations in the two scents can be seen in the commercial for the new fragrance, which has B happy, free and at one of her most favorite places in the world: by the ocean!
Heat Rush is now available at Macy*s stores and at Macy*  Below is a sneak peak at the commercial, behind the scenes photos and behind the scenes videos of Beyonce' at a testing session and of one of the perfumes creators. 

Beyonce' describes her new scent as being: feminine, like a breeze, light and flirty.  Here's an excerpt from the Heat Rush site (
Beyoncé Heat Rush is a fruity floral fragrance that softly lures like a gentle breeze. Warm yourself with a drop of liquid sunshine: feminine Yellow Tiger Orchid, juicy sparkling Brazilian Cherry and sensual Rio Sunset Musk.

--Princess Carter
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