Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Carters: Album Meetings? Watch the Throne Meeting? Album 4 Meeting?

The Carters, both Jay and B have been hard at work on their upcoming album projects.  Now that the year's new, are they ready to let us hear what they've been working on?  It can only be a matter of time now.  
Beyonce' was out and about, in full Diva Mode, as she was snapped leaving a meeting in NYC today.  She looked simply gorge and was make-up free. She also had love on her mind as she rocked a t-shirt that said, LOVE IS EVERYTHING.  
And yesterday, Jay & Ye met up for a meeting at the Mercer.  Could it have been a meeting for, Watch the Throne?  After all, Kanye did say (on,New Year's Eve) that the album would be coming out very soon.  Well he actually said, "Next Week," but, the SpadeCiroc & Tron were flowing in abundance, so that might have been a slip-up or wishful thinking.  
--Princess Carter
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