Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In The Know: President Obama's Election Night Victory Speech... Gracious, Proud & Inspiring!!!!

We did it America!!! The majority has spoken!!!  Our POTUS has 4 MORE YEARS!!!  President Obama is the first Democrat to win the Presidency with over 50% of the majority vote, for both his terms, since FDR!!!!  Now that's huge!!!  And early this morning, around 1:30 A.M., in his beloved Chicago, he gave his victory speech.

The POTUS was both humble and elated over his win.  He thanked all his supporters and spoke about our future.   It was a speech about unity and belief in America and the democratic process.  

The President spoke passionately about America and the American dream.  Most importantly, he also reminded, that our fight is not over and that he needs us all to stay fired up and ready to fight.  It was a speech that was reminiscent of his very first DNC speech.  It was powerful.  You can watch it below. 

We have to make sure we continue to support our POTUS, so that this term he doesn't have to worry about Republican obstruction.  Keep up with your state, local and federal political figures, hold them accountable.  Make them represent you.

--Princess Carter

Source:, & Zimbio

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