Monday, September 3, 2012

In The Know: Craig Robinson Remembers The Speech That Started it All...President Obama's Keynote Address at the 2004 DNC...

Clearly one of the best speeches ever.  I still see this man, when I see our POTUS today.  He has remained positive and humble even when faced with the greatest of adversaries.  No matter what has been thrown at him, he continues to fight.  And yes we are much better off than we were four years ago!!!

People need to remember back to the scariness that was 2008 when we were on the verge of a Depression.  Are we completely out of the woods?

No....the President has tried to move us forward but, has been roadblocked at ever turn by Republicans whose only goal is to make him a one term President.  They don't care one bit about America or Americans.  It's all about their egos!!! Not a care for our country!!!

The economy continues to grow.  America continues to grow.  We are better off than we were pre-Obama.

--Princess Carter

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