Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Carter Life: Beyoncé & Blue Brunch in Brooklyn...Blue Rocs Timberlands and Proves She's A Daddy's Girl....

Beyoncé & Blue were snapped brunching at Buttermilk Channel, in Brooklyn, a favorite haunt of the Carters.  Blue, who is now 14-months-old, slept in her mommy's arms.  She's so adorable!!! Just too cute!!!  She's gonna be tall, like her parents.    

And she's a daddy's girl, not only does she look like Jay, but she also roc'd a pair of Timbs.  And we all know how Jay feels about his Timberlands.  Too cute!!!  Glad to see B and Blue carefree and enjoying the city.  The weather was beautiful today.  

Before her family brunch, B uploaded a picture of herself behind the wheel of  a yellow cab.  She even makes driving a yellow cab look sexy.  Hmm...I wonder if the UPS driver is jealous.  ;)

Check out pictures of the Carter women below.  I guess Jay was rehearsing or in the studio.

--Princess Carter

Sources:  Twitter, @beyoncelite, @baddiebey, Instagram &The YBF

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