Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Carter Life: Beyoncé's, A "Grown Woman" & Gets "Turnt" With The Dream & 2 Chainz...

B's "Grown Woman" finally hit the net today.  The song is one big party.  And I love that B is celebrating Africa.  The song is ready for dance floors worldwide.  Not sure when or if "Grown Woman" will officially be released by B or her camp...but lets hope so.  Although B's rep did, confirm in April, that it's not the official first single.
"They like the way I walk, because I walk with a vengeance/ They listen when I talk, because I ain’t pretendin’/ Took a while, now I understand, Just what I’m going to do/ Now I know who I am, 'bout time I show it"

And in other B music, The Dream has finally released "Turnt" his collabo with Beyoncé & 2 Chainz.  Listen to it below.

--Princess Carter

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