Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hova Dollars: Roc Nation Sports Signs NYJ's Geno Smith...Jay-Z Makes Yet Another Power Move

Jay's Roc Nation Sports continues to grow.  After signing New York Yankees star Robinson Cano, Tulsa Shock Star Sklyar Diggins, they've just signed New York Jets star, Geno Smith.  

Geno says he chose Roc Nation Sports because, he felt comfortable with "the guys" who'll be representing him.  He told the New York Daily News of the signing:  
“I don’t worry about the outside world’s perception. I’m comfortable with who I am, strong in my faith. I know that this isn’t because of an image thing or trying to market myself. It’s just being comfortable with the guys who’s going to represent me. That’s ultimately why I made that decision.”
Another power move for Hov.

So who'll be the first NBA player?

--Princess Carter

Source:  New York Daily News

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