Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Queen Of Hearts: Beyoncé Writes A Sincere Apology, Takes Antwerp + Gloria Carter Talks Jay & Blue....

B's back.  She's feeling better and once again, ready to take over another stage.  After having to cancel last night's show--it was the first time in her 16 year career--B posted a hand written letter to her fans, in Antwerp, offering her sincerest apologies, for having to cancel last night's concert, due to doctor's orders.  

Thank goodness B is feeling better.  She has to rest, and take care of herself.  Read B's letter below, she is so sweet.  Luv her.

Jay's mother, Gloria Carter, recently spoke with US Weekly, during a Mother's Day event--at The 40/40 Club, Saturday, May 11--for the Shawn Carter Foundation, which she heads.  She talked openly about Blue and Jay, Blue's surrounded by love.  Here are a few highlights from the article.

B, Jay, Ms. Tina & Gloria Carter.
"It warms my heart to see how he interacts with his daughter," she told Us. "And when she says, 'Papa,' he just melts. He's a great dad."
"The amazing thing about being a grandmother is that you go get the kids, but when you're tired, you can take them home!" she said with a laugh. (When asked if the superstar couple would want more grandchildren, Carter responded with an "I think so!")

Her own "baby" right now is the Shawn Carter Foundation, an organization that provides scholarship money for kids who have low GPAs and wouldn't be able to afford schooling otherwise. "When I did this, [Jay-Z] said 'Ma, this is your baby.' But when I need him to be here, he's here because he believes in it too."
As for baby Blue, who is currently learning the meaning of "hello" and "bye bye," picking up on things doesn't seem like it's been an issue so far. "She's very very smart," Carter shared with Us. "But [the TV show Babies Choice] teaches the babies that when you say hello, that means you're going to be around. But when you say, 'bye bye,' it means you're going to disappear. So when you're around her, when she looks at you and she's tired of you, she looks at you and she says, 'bye bye!'"
"So with me I'm like, 'No bye bye! No bye bye!'" she added with a laugh.

 --Princess Carter

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