Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hovah Dollars: Jay-Z Launches Brand New Facebook Game, "Empire"...Now we can all rule an empire.....

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Jay's sharing another one of his passions with us: gaming (video gaming that is). He just launched a brand new virtual game with Facebook called "Empire".

The game allows us to follow in Jay's footsteps from Marcy to Barclay (Center).  Empire, allows your virtual self to “go from hustler, to entrepreneur, to business mogul.” The better decisions you make the better your come-up!!

The game lets you create a character and then starts out by giving you many ways to earn points and move up in life. There are visits to mom or significant others when you're in need of moral support! You can be part of a rap battle, make a mix tape for street cred, and get a job to pay for your bling, among other things.

Points help you move out of the projects and into the “hotspots of the rich and famous” in Manhattan.

It's all about making the right choices, as the game heeds early on: “Make the right choices and the World belongs to you. LIVE THE DREAM."

Head over to Facebook, invite friends and begin your Take Over!!!

 --Princess Carter


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