Thursday, April 26, 2012

PhotoShoot Fresh: Kanye & Kim Attend Tribeca Film Festival + Snapped in Soho

On Tuesday, Kanye brought Kim to the Tribeca Film Festival for Chanel's Tribeca Film Festival Artist Dinner, held at Odeon in downtown Manhattan.  The coordinated pair wore black and white.  Hmm.... looks like Ye's taking a page from his Big Brother and Sister --The Carters, whose coordinated luv is always photoshoot fresh. 

And then yesterday, the two were snapped on their way to lunch at The Four Seasons and then heading to Kanye's Soho apartment hand-in-hand later on that night. 

Adoring: Kanye West held hands and gazed at new love Kim Kardashian as they headed back to his apartment building in New York City
 Returning Home

Lunch Date:

Nobody can see me! The publicity loving Kanye stared dead ahead as he walked into the hotel

Hurry: And Kim seemed keen to leave the scene after their hour together

Kim Kardashian - Kim Kardashian Visits Kanye's Hotel

Heading to Ye's:

Suddenly shy? Kim looks down at the ground, while Kanye can't stop smiling as he escorts his new love through the city

Chanel Party:

Post image for COUPLED UP: Kim & Kanye West Holding Hands in NYC

kanye kim tribeca COUPLED UP: Kim & Kanye West Holding Hands in NYC
--Princess Carter

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