Saturday, September 8, 2012

DEMS Show Heart & Future: FLOTUS, POTUS, Biden, Clinton & Kerry Bring Heart & Soul to the DNC|2012... Democrats Take Over Charolette

What a difference a week makes!!! The DEMS Kicked Political Butt at this week's Democratic National Convention in Charolette, North Carolina.  The Convention kicked off with a welcoming festival that got everyone Fired Up! and Ready To Go!!!

The first night, September 4, was full of rousing speeches that talked  Unity, Equality and Forward vision.  The stars of the night were Massachusetts governor Deval PatrickSan Antonio mayor, Julian Castro and our beautiful, First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama's speech was heart wrenching, patriotic and family focused.  By the time she was finished there wasn't a dry eye in the house.  She was incredible and not to mention completely stunning.

The White House sent out a photo of, a proud President Obama, Malia and Sasha, watching the FLOTUS, on television in the Treaty Room of the White House, during her DNC speech.  Check out all three speeches below.

Night one set the tone for what would be a rousing convention.

The night two stars were Elizabeth Warren and former President Bill Clinton who so eloquently laid out all of President Obama's accomplishments.  The former president was in vintage political form and held no punches.  His loyalty to Barack was evident and it was clear that he is all in for the fight ahead.  The speech ended with the two Presidents embracing, as Barack surprised the crowd with an appearance at the end of Bill's speech.  Their embrace was hearty and sent the already Fired Up! crowd into a frenzy. It was a wonderful sight.

The stars of night three were John Kerry, Joe Biden and of course President Obama, whose star shined the brightest.  The three put a whopping on the Republicans that they'll be trying to recover from, from now til November.  

The President called out Romney and Ryan for their policies that are even more destructive to the economy than the Bush policies were.  He talked his accomplishments.  Yes we are better off than we were, four years ago, I think everyone knows that! Just think back, to where we were!

He also laid out his Forward Vision and completely distanced himself from the Romney/Ryan Agenda that benefits the wealthy.

The president brought tears to my eyes during his speech when he said, "I am the president."  I just lost it.  I can't explain what it did to me, it just meant so much to me on so many levels, especially being an African American woman.  It was such a powerful moment.  Watch his speech below and find out about the president's plan for the next four years.

Check out all the speeches below.

First Lady Michelle Obama:

VP Joe Bidden:

President Bill Clinton:

Mayor Julian Castro:

Elizabeth Warren:

John Kerry:

The First Family takes in the Democratic National Convention 09/04/12 - 09/06/12 in Charlotte, NC:

Watching Mom's speech 09/04/12
Watching Dad's speech 09/06/12
Congratulating the POTUS after his DNC speech 09/06/12

What an incredible convention. I am so ready to vote for my President again.

--Princess Carter

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