Monday, January 28, 2013

Queen B Fresh: Beyoncé Debuts "Pulse NYC" & "Lives" in New Orleans

In the words of her husband, Can I Live?, that's all B wants to know.  Can she?  Please let her!  But, no need to worry, the Queen has once again,  Brushed The Dirt Off Her Shoulders and headed to New Orleans with her family, dancers and band to get ready for one of her biggest nights yet: the Super Bowl Half Time Show!!!

B and Jay arrived in New Orleans on Thursday, January 24, 2013, and headed to MOTHER'S for a soulful lunch and then Jay jetted to LA for work, while B stayed in the city and got to work on her Super Bowl Rehearsals, while keeping us all informed via her Tumblr and Instagram pages.

She also released a behind the scenes look at her latest fragrance, PULSE NYC.  It's a tribute to two of her favorite things.  The city she now calls home, and has taught her that anything is possible and of course her favorite hue, BLUE.   Check out a behind the scenes video of  B on the PULSE shoot.  Also check out some of B's rehearsal pictures.  I can't wait til, Sunday!!!  She's Focused Man!!!


The Ad:

She's Coming:

--Princess Carter

Sources: @baddiebey, Instagram, IAMBEYONCE, GlobalGrind

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