Thursday, January 3, 2013

B Ready: Ne-Yo Talks Beyoncé's New Album... Says B's Working Hard

Ne-Yo recently talked with MTV News about B's new album --her fifth solo project.  Ne-Yo was mum on the sound, direction and content of the songs, joking he'd been "sworn to secrecy" and that he didn't want Jay to "be mad".

He did however say that B's still that Diva in charge and that her focus hasn't changed since becoming a mommy:
"To be honest with you, no. No, it's pretty much, she's had the exact same drive that she's always had.   She's not a person that slacks off in the studio.  I mean it's not like slave labor or nothing like that; she's not cracking the whip. But it's definitely 'Let's get the job done; let's get the best song possible produced or written out of this experience.' And it's the exact same thing now."
But, we all knew that, check out the video below.

Ne-Yo on Jay:
"Can't say. I can't say what kind of vibe. I can't. I can't give it away," he said. "I've been sworn to secrecy. Man, you're trying to get me into trouble. Come on! Jay-Z is not a person you want mad at you! I got to be quiet!"
MTV also reported that B will have new music out in the next coming week's just in time for her Super Bowl performance.  Not sure if this is from their own sources or from the info they got from the Dream.  I'm hoping it's next week, a pre-inauguration celebration.  Let's go B!!!

--Princess Carter


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