Sunday, February 16, 2014

Drunk Remixes...Beyoncé & Jay Z: "Drunk In Love" Remixes Kanye, Boots, The Weekend & Diplo...It's Remix Mania...

Boots was the first to release a "Drunk In Love" remix--fitting since he is the tracks producer.

Then came Ye's XXX mix--which got the stamp of approval from Mrs. Carter herself.   And it looks like, Mrs. C got a kick out of Ye's cowgirl reference.  So much so, that she created a video tease--meshing a lil of her 2012 Essence Eat, Pray Love cover shoot and a lil of Ye's "Bound 2" video.

But the remixes didn't stop there, then came past collaborator, Diplo's remix and now we have the Weekend whose remix also came out this weekend.

It's a "Drunk In Love" remix month!!!

What's your favorite remix?   Listen to them all below.  And be sure to keep supporting the song.  It's a classic.

Boots' remix:

Kanye's remix:

The Weekend's remix:

Diplo's remix:

Pick up your copy of BEYONCÉ, it's an incredible record.

--Princess Carter


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