Sunday, February 9, 2014

Queen B Fresh: Joan Smalls Talks to ELLE About Working With Beyoncé; "She's so professional, and just so grounded."

Joan Smalls recently talked to about working with B, and the supermodel is still ecstatic about her work with the Queen:
Smalls talked about appearing in the video for Beyoncé's 2-minute long model ménage, "Yoncé." "It's incredible. The woman is out of this world," Smalls said. "She's extremely talented, professional, and just so grounded—which is something you don't know about her. It was definitely a memorable moment in my career."
But does she listen to the album? "Hell yeah! Obviously my favorite track is still "Yoncé," she said, "but it should have been a whole four minutes." Luckily, Smalls knows how to take matters into her own hands: "I just loop it back."  (Source:  ELLE)
Be sure to purchase your copy of "Beyoncé".  It's an incredible album.

Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor...

--Princess Carter

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