Friday, February 7, 2014

The Carter Life: Beyoncé Shares More Jay & Blue Time...Shows off Blue Enjoying Brooklyn, Jay's B'Day & More...

One of Mrs. Carter's greatest pastimes has becoming updating her Tumblr with the cutest and fiercest photos ever.

Beyoncé recently went on an updating binge sharing photos of Blue enjoying her dad's arena in BK, and it looks like B's also shared photos from Jay's 44th B'Day Bash and more.

Check out more photos of the Carters enjoying their royal life!!!! Luv them!!! And head over to B's site to view more of her precious family moments.

Looks like B threw Jay a grand party for his 44th:

Blue takes over Barclays during one of Jay's MCWT dates in January:

Mommy B, showing off her braids:

The Carter Life...the Good Life!!!!

--Princess Carter


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