Monday, August 30, 2010

Mary & FFAWN Focused On Education

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CNN has dedicated this week to saving our schools and the state of American Education.  As part of the week they will be interviewing a host of people who are making a difference in the field of education.  Those who are focusing on innovation rather than the status quo.  Well today they had the beautiful and talented Mary J. Blige who was there to discuss how she and her organization FFAWN are focused on educating young girls.

FFAWN and NASA are collaborating for The Summer of Innovation project.  With one of their primary focuses being to get more young girls interested in science, math and engineering.  These are the careers of the future and we need to see more young girls interested in these fields of tomorrow.  

Here's video of Mary talking about the project with NASA.  Video comes from NASA's website.

NASA & Mary encouraging exciting careers for young girls:

--Princess Carter
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