Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gaga's Always Dreamed of Living on the Radio

Gaga debuted Living on the Radio live at her St. Paul, Minnesota show.  The song is a piano driven ballad, that kind of reminds me of a "Beatles type song".  Gaga sings that living on the radio has always been her dream. And that now her dream has come true its led to even bigger dreams, all because, she's living on the radio. Selling out shows, eating caviar, making music all because her songs are living on the radio.  The song has a dreamy feel to it, I guess because she's talking about a life long dream of hers.  It's soft and somewhat sensual.  Sounds like something you'd hear playing in an artist's studio, house party or kool cafe.  Nice tune Gaga.  Gives me a bit of nostalgia.

--Princess Carter

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