Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Look At Decoded: Jay-Z Explains "Most Kingz"

As November 16th approaches more info on Jay's first book comes to light.  The book adds a twist to the traditional drawn out memoir.  Instead Jay breaks up some of his most intricate word-play, telling the stories behind them and what influences shaped the verses.  In this video he breaks down Most Kingz. He talks about the pressures of success, those sitting around waiting for you to fell and of course the constant reminders that your ghetto.  Which is something that most of us who have to deal with when we meet some kind of success, try to better ourselves and break ties from those who are no longer in our lane.  The situation he describes is something I have to deal with more often than I want to.  As usual Jay continues to be the voice of my generation and those after me.  Shedding some light on our own struggles and transformations.
      Here's a little tidbit from the video which comes via Amazon::
The inspiration behind "Most Kingz." "'Most Kingz' just happened to be inspired by a Basquiat drawing," Jay said. "He had 'Most young kings get their head cut off' on the bottom, and I looked at that and was like — it’s powerful. Just the statement in itself lends itself to a song."
--Princess Carter

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