Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Move Over Ipad, BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Is Set To Take Over

Today RIM introduced their BlackBerry PlayBook which is a tablet much like the Ipad, just a tad-bit smaller. In fact it just might beat its predeccesor.  It is said to be a powerful 7-inch device.  It will have a daul core processor.  The ability to play 3D games (OpenGL).  The gaming piece is supposed to be another highlight of the feature.
So, how is it different from the Ipad:  It runs Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for apps (The software that's used to run TweetDeck on our PCs, etc).  Which means unlike the Ipad (& Phone) you will be able to access the full web, not in mobile device format.  It will also be able to display content from a paired BlackBerry smartphone.

It will come in two versions 3G and 4G. Scheduled for a 2011 release date.  No pricing has been given yet.  

What's All The Fuss About, For You Techies, Here It Is:

--Princess Carter
Sources: Roc4Life, RIM, Youtube
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