Thursday, August 29, 2013

Video Fresh: Jay Z Gives Us "Holy Grail"...Gets Introspective Takes Us On A Journey With Justin....

Today Jay finally gave us the video for "Holy Grail".  Jay and Anthony Mandler put together an amazing clip.

Facebook has the exclusive premiere of the video, which MTV is calling "colossal," and of "almost monolithic weight".
MTV reports:  In the hands of Hov and director Anthony Mandler, "Holy Grail" becomes little more than a narrative device. They re-arrange verses and repeatedly slow the track down until it practically stops entirely, stretching Timberlake's vocals to the breaking point and adding extra heft to Jay's little verses. It's a trick that gives the entire video a colossal, almost monolithic weight ... the scenes feel massive, glacial. They do not move so much as the slowly drift, filling the viewer with a subtle, yet palpable sense of the magnitude of not just the track's stars, but its subject matter, too.
The video is available exclusively on Facebook for 24hrs.  Check it out below.

Post by Jay Z.

--Princess Carter

Source:  MTV, Life + Times, Facebook

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