Friday, August 23, 2013

VMAS in BK: MTV Releases Seating Charts...Gaga & Katy, JT & Yeezus, The Smiths & More Will Take in BK...

MTV is giving us a taste of who will be sitting next to who at Sunday's VMAS in BK.  

Ye & JT will be side-by-side.  And so will Gaga & Katy.  The Smiths will be together, while Taylor will be sitting with her good friend Selena.

So what about Jay & B... No Jay in BK, no Barclays, I just can't see that. I hope he turns out to be one of the big surprises.  A little "Tom Ford".  A little "Holy Grail" maybe a taste of "Picasso Baby".  Make it happen MTV.

Check out more seating charts below.

--Princess Carter

Source:  MTV & Rap-Up

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