Saturday, February 19, 2011

Album News: Beyonce' Just One Song Away From Album COMPLETION?

Information on Beyonce's 4th album is starting to remind me of the whole Carmelo trade, nobody from their camps are saying much, but there's a whole lot of blogging, tweeting and online reporting.  

B has only said to expect live instrumentation and that she is experimenting with sound.  She also says she's gotten inspiration for the project from Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson and The Stylistics.

In October Tricky and The Dream's team said, that a single would be out in 3 weeks.  Well that didn't happen.  Numerous collaborators have talked about the Top Secret Project:  S1, Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett, Q-Tip and Jim Jonsin.

Well this last info comes via Sia, who says B is just one song away from completion.  She talked to MTV Australia and said this of her wanting to be a part of B's next project: "So I just said to all the producers, writers, everyone, help me make this happen, and then Diplo e-mailed me and said, 'where are you in the world right now? would you be interested in flying to New York? I'm writing with Beyoncé,' and I was like, 'Yesss!'  However her wishes may not be granted, as she was never able to come to New York, due to her own scheduling issues.  The minor scheduling issues didn't stop her, she is now in the process of "pitching songs to B."  It is unclear at this time if her contributions will make this album or B's next one.  Sia says, "Well, there's only one song left for this album, so I probably won't get on this album, but hopefully the next one. That's my dream, that's my goal."  So when will the album be out?  Hopefully this Spring or early summer at the latest.

--Princess Carter
Credit: MTV
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