Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNN's Anderson Cooper & Other Journalist Attacked By Pro Mubarak Mob

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Things continue to escalate in Egypt.  The protests continue to grow.  And the people continue to demand for Mubarak to step down.   Now things have begun to get more dangerous as mobs of pro-Mubarak supporters are out in the streets attacking the protesters and the journalist there to cover the story.  They are accusing the journalist of being "foreign spies."  (It was reported yesterday by some news outlets that Mubarak, or those surrounding him, were paying the mobs to go out and attack the protesters.)

Last night, during Anderson Cooper's live broadcast (from Cairo) on CNN,  a mob could be heard chanting Mubarak's name in the background.  They even flashed a green light at the cameras and threw a rock.

Now today Anderson and other journalist have been attacked by the "angry mob" while reporting on the protests in Cairo.  Anderson says this of the attack, "It was pandemonium. There was no control. Suddenly a man would come up to you and punch you in the face." Journalist from the BBC and Dubai based Al-Arabiya were also attacked.  Al-Arabiya suffered the most.  Their journalist and staff were attacked, and their office damaged.  Hopefully there will be an end to this before it gets to bloody.
--Princess Carter
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