Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Queen at Work: Beyoncé Putting in 14 Hour Days For Next Album...Continues to Take Extreme Measures to Protect Fifth Album....

News continues to come out slowly about B's new album.  First came the report from Menil curator Toby Kamps, then the came the photos of Solange visiting B in the studio and then there was UK singer Conner Maynard who talked about the "mad stories" about B's intense studio precautions, a page she took out of her hubby's book.

Now word comes via, The Sun, that B's been spending 14 hour days in the studio, recording tracks with producers Hit Boy (Paris) and Kanye West:

The singer is currently holed up in a New York studio with Jay-Z's producer Hit-Boy and Kanye West recording tracks for her fifth studio album, the first since the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy earlier this year.
Security is said to be tight around the studio as the 'Countdown' singer has left nothing to chance with the potential for her new material to be leaked early, and has even booked out the whole studio complex to prevent such an occurrence.
A source told the newspaper: "She's spent thousands hiring out the whole studios. She's got security on the doors to ensure no one hears a whisper. She's being strict with proceedings too, putting in 14-hour days and declaring nobody leaves until it's perfect." (Source: The Sun)
Can't wait to hear B's new record.  I wonder how much studio time Blue has logged in so far?  I know she accompanies her mommy to the studio sometimes. Super excited for the fifth ear/album.

--Princess Carter

Sources: nme.com & The Sun

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