Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hip Hop's Royalty: Jay-Z, Swizz & Timbaland The "3 Kings"; Swizz Uploads Photo of The 3 Hip Hop Royals & 1 Big Chain...

Earlier today, Swizz uploaded this photo of him, Jay & Timbaland, with the following message:  3 Kings & A HEAVY ASS CHAIN THAT BELONGS TO HOV:-).

Jay debuted the,11 lb, gold chain, at the So So Def reunion concert on Saturday, where he performed PSA and Money Ain't A Thing with JD.

The most important question is, did any Hov recording happen!  A solo Jay project is long overdue, why not a summer album, to go along with the Legends Of Summer Tour.

Back Down Memory Lane:

Why Not:

--Princess Carter

Photo Credit:  Swizz Beatz -via- Instagram

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