Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life Is But A Dream: Beyoncé Reveals Herself, Her Life & Her Worldview in "Life Is But A Dream" Doc...

Last night, Beyoncé:  Life Is But A Dream debuted on HBO and the doc didn't disappoint.  It showed and open honest Beyoncé talking candidly about life, love, family and motherhood.  It showed Beyoncé the person not the superstar.

It began with B dealing with the separation from her dad, as her manager.  B revealed the strain of ending their professional relationship caused even greater stress in their personal relationship.  It was a very difficult time for her, one that she says effected her "soul".  But it looks like all is well between them now, as Matthew is seen holding a newborn Blue, later on in the doc.  

B talked about the struggles that women face and how much harder women face at work.  She said it, "pisses" her off that women have to work harder and don't get paid the same as men.  She went on to say that men are able to control because, they control the money.  It was a powerful segment.

B also showed off the close bond between her and Jay.  She loves him to death and vice-verse.  I enjoyed watching the Carters being Crazy In Love.  And of course she talked about her pregnancy and showed off her belly.  B's joy during her pregnancy and love of motherhood shows, throughout the doc.  She tears up and smiles from ear-to-ear whenever, she talked about Blue or Jay.  I love it.

The best part of the doc was that you really got to hear B's point of view on life, love, business, family, music and more.   It showed a confident  Beyoncé who struggles, loves her man and her child.  Wants to please.  Has insecurities.  Is surrounded by love.  And lives life to its fullest.  She was open and candid, even cussing (like a natural).

Well done B!  Great Work!  Watch the full doc below.

B & Blue in Houston during filming of Life Is But A Dream:

--Princess Carter

Sources:  HBO, Beyonce, Instagram, YouTube & GlobalGrind

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