Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Kings To Hit The Road: Jay-Z & Justin to Tour? Suit,Ties & A Mic....

 Dapper duo: Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z, pictured at Sunday's Grammys in LA, are tipped to tour together

To be? Or not to be?  Are Jay and Justin headed for the road?  Word is Mr. Carter & Mr. Timberlake are planning a joint North American tour.   Supposedly the details are being worked out as we speak.

So far it's being reported that they will perform stadium shows in 10 major cities.  I wonder if it'll be more like Jay and Mary's Heart of The City Tour or the  Watch The Throne Tour?  Probably more like HOTC, because they (JZ & JT) only have one collabo together.    If this is true I guess both Carters will be touring this Spring and Summer.
--Princess Carter

Sources:  NYPost

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