Sunday, April 17, 2011

Video Diaries Beyonce, Part ll: Video Wraps; Larger Than Life Dance Numbers?; Queen B Rocs Alexander McQueen & More; Official Title: 'Who Rule The World (Girls)"

Who's Coming Back? 2011
Beyonce' spent the week of April 11 in California filming the video for her first single. It's rumored to be called "Who Rule The World (Girls)".  A snippet of the track leaked on YouTube (late in the week) with that name, however it has since been removed by SonyBMG.  And their is still no official word from B or her camp.

The B-ginning:
Things started off on Sunday in LA with dance rehearsals and auditions.  News of the shoot began spreading like wildfire over Twitter, via the dancers themselves, who were tweeting their praises of Queen B and the new track.

The Queen Films An Epic:
By Monday the net was in an uproar and B was off to the Mojave Desert in Givenchy Haute Couture, Tuesday she went Gladiator-Diva in LA and she commanded her Girls while at the beach on Wednesday, Roc'n Alexander McQueen, no less!  It is also said that their may have been a 4th day of just dance numbers filmed in LA.  And we can't forget about Roberto Cavalli's tweet. He tweeted a picture of B wearing his clothes, while filming scenes for the video in New Jersey, in early April, (that was the tweet that got it all started).  So, in all there may have been 4-5 days of shooting.  Judging from the pictures and the many scenes,  it definitely feels epic!  Not to mention the 200 dancers and the Afrikan dance numbers, which are also rumored to be a part of the video.  Anxiously waiting!!!

A Photo Dairy:

Monday, Mojave Desert
On Set: Beyonce
Tuesday, Gladiator-Diva
Day 3 at the beach.
The Queen Roc'n Alexander McQueen
B is definitely one who gives her all!  She never disappoints.  I'm looking forward to her new sound and innovation.   

Filming in NJ, roc'n Cavalli.
--Princess Carter
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