Sunday, April 10, 2011

Royal News, Queen B Edition: Video Diaries, Beyonce', New Single "Run The World (Girls)"; Filmed in LA 4/11-4/13 (Updated with Full Trailer & Single)

It seems like Beyonce' did in fact begin work on her new video today in LA.  News is hitting the net via the dancers who attended today's auditions.  Sources continue to say the single is called, "Girl."  And like previous reports the word is the single is: AMAZING! The song is about female empowerment and reportedly revolves around B and the other beautiful women in the video.

The single has a club vibe and samples Major Lazer's, "Pon De Floor".  Patiently waiting, can't wait to hear B's vocals over this banger!  I'm sure it's heavy on the drums.  I can definitely see why she's incorporating Afrikan Dance.  Word is that over 200 dancers showed up and that two Afrikan male dancers will perform during the dance intro for the video.
It is being reported that the video's director is, Francis Lawrence who directed " Bad Romance" (Gaga), "I'm A Slave For You" (Britney) and "Get Right" (Jennifer Lopez), "Emotions" (Destiny's Child) just to name a few.

What is Beyonce up to?
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 Ryan James by Beyoncelite

All i haVE to say is Beyonces new song in amazing

 Ryan James by Beyoncelite

Just arrived to the Beyonce audition...interesting set up

 Steph Jones  by Beyoncelite

 to @ for being so nice to my lil mama... You just made her day... Thankyou:)

 Beyonce Fans 

Beyonce 1st single is called "GIRL" + the video is said to be shot this WEEK & directed by Francis Lawrence?!
--Princess Carter
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