Sunday, April 10, 2011

Video Rumors: Beyonce' Filmed Video in LA This Weekend? Flew In 200 Afrikan Dancers? Taking Her Dance 2 The Next Level!

Website is reporting that Beyonce' will be filming scenes for her first video today (Sunday, April 10) in LA.  They report she'll be "bringing" 200 Afrikan Dancers to LA to make sure that the dance sequences in her video are out of this world and B'yond anything she's ever done before.
The name of the first single is rumored to be called, "Girl" .  The dancers will be incorporating traditional African Dance into B's dance routines.  She has done hints of African inspired dance in her "Crazy in Love" and "Deja Vu" videos. 
But, it looks like this time B is upping the ante, this go around.  She has said, that Fela Kuti is a big inspiritation for the album.  As well as '70s and '80s music, which also had strong hints of Afrikan inspired rhythms, especially the live drums and horns that trademarked those periods of music.  Life instruments will be a big part of the album, as well.
B rehearsed for the video in New York in early April at Ripley Grier Studios.  She was snapped in all black, by a fan's camera.  Roberto Cavalli, also reported that she shoot scenes for the video in New Jersey (on April 1), via his twitter account.    
Although some sources are reporting it was for a photo-shoot (maybe album shots).  I guess we'll have to wait for B to disclose the full info on the shoot.  Where she went 70s' Retro in head-to-toe Roberto Cavalli.
Beyonce Knowles iPhone Wallpaper
B rececently told Comopolitan,UK, that she's benefited from taking time off to spend with her "Man and her family, just being a wife."  She also told the mag that as she approaches the big 3-0 (9/04) she's more confident and happier than she's ever been.  I'm sure all of that will be represented in her new sound and new era.  Round IV here we come! The first single is rumored to be coming out in late April and the album in late June.
Beyonce Knowles

--Princess Carter
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