Monday, April 18, 2011

Royal News, Queen B Edition: Video Diaries, Beyonce's Beach Videos

BeyonceBeyonce' loves the ocean, she says it's one of the places she feels her calmest.  For her brand new single, 'Run The World, Girls' there's a huge beach scene, where B is rumored to have commanded a group of female dancers (she directed them in a dance sequence).

This however won't be Beyonce's first beach video, she's been beaching it up since her DC3 days. In preparation for the release of her latest Epic, take a look at B's sexy beach videos, below.

1. ' Baby Boy', this smoker is from her debut album, 'Dangerously in Love' it was the birth of the Modern Day Diva.  B showed the world that the Motown Diva was back with a hip-hop twist.  This video is super sexy for all the right reasons.

2. '03 Bonnie & Clyde', this is the track that got the world talking, it's from Jay's, 'Blueprint 2'.  It's the track that introduced the Power Couple to the world. Sweet, Sexy and oh so hip-hip chic.

3. 'Broken Hearted Girl', although broken hearted no more, the happily married Diva of three years, never forgets to sing songs for her Ladies.  frolics on the beach in this sexy number, with a sexy brother.  It's a sweet treat.

4. 'Deja Vu' another callbo with her hubby, is haute, sweaty and just sexy. B & Jay went to New Orleans for this one.  There wasn't technically a beach, but there was warm water and "sand".  B channeled Josephine Baker in a smoking "sand" scene.

5. 'Still in Love, Kissing You', is a sexy number that B filmed with a small hand held camera.  It has the feel of Marilyn meets Sasha Soul.  Simple. Sexy. Beautiful. A Black & White Klassic.

6. 'Cater 2 U', this is Destiny's Child's sexiest video ever!  The girls go sand, water and dessert, that's beachy enough for me.  Singing about taking care of your man, with your sisters is enough.  This ones all about love and happiness in and out of the bedroom.  And the video is just sexy!

7.  'Survivor', the one that started it all.  Beyonce' and the girls were stranded on an island and had to fight their way to the finish.  This ones army chic and B's budding sex symbolism is evident in this one.  

Patiently awaiting the debut of  'Run The World, Girls'! Song & Video!

--Princess Carter
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